Ric Flair On Fire | Attacking A Crocodile

Dream 1

This dream involved Ric Flair coming out of retirement to wrestle again, and the dream involved him having a professional wrestling match.

During the fight they decided to do a dangerous stunt where they set part of the ring on fire, and Mr. Flair’s opponent slammed him in the fire.

Mr. Flair was slammed into the fire too early so part of his hair caught fire, he rolled to the side of the ring so that a referee could throw water on him, but the referee did not throw the water on him fast enough so part of his hair and face got burned so there was a black spot on his hair and face.

The dream jumped to the future and Mr. Flair and the others were being interviewed about what happened that day, Mr. Flair had healed, and Mr. Flair was okay with what had happened and seemed to have enjoyed the dangerous stunt and he was excited to be wrestling again even at such an old age; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day, and me and most of my family seemed to have recently moved to a larger and nicer house next to a quiet highway with a forest to the right of the highway.

The house had several entrances in the front, at least one entrance on the left side, at least one on the back side, and a pond / swimming pool in the backyard with a forest in the distance; and our neighbor’s at The B House had a different house to the right of us, but I am not sure if anyone lived to the left of us or not.

I can not remember the beginning of the dream but I think that I returned home in an automobile or something, when I got out of the automobile my dad was about to leave in a dark blue SUV (sport utility vehicle) so I got inside of it with him briefly to talk as he drove through the yard, and I got out before he left the yard.

In the front yard I found a large clear container that felt would make a good plant holder / whatever, and so I was going to bring it inside the house.

I had my keys with me so that I could open the door, I was not sure if one key worked on all the doors or not, and so I was going to open the door that I knew this key worked with but I decided to take the container to the back of the house along the covered walkway so that I could clean it later.

My mom and my brother TDC and KDC were home, I sat the container near the house, and I stopped to look around at our new house and yard to enjoy finally having some peace and quiet and even more nature and space et cetera.

The pond and / or swimming pool was full of grass, and then I noticed something floating on its side near the edge of it.

Slowly I realized that it seemed to be the shape of a large dead reptile, I assumed that it was a dead alligator, but then it moved to my surprise and maybe it went to move on land toward me so I yelled for my brothers to get some melee weapons because there was an alligator.

I ran back to the right side of the house to look for a melee weapon as the assumed alligator went under our new house, we were only able to find some weak melee weapons, and then we started trying to find the assumed alligator and then it came from under the house toward us on the right side of the house.

I told my brothers to stay back and I attacked it with a very weak melee weapon, that did no damage and I could feel how tough and thick the skin was and how dense it was, and then I realized that it was a crocodile and not an alligator because of its color and how some of its teeth were still showing even with its mouth closed.

I dodged the crocodiles attacks and I would counter attack, my brothers would join in sometimes, but we were doing no damage so I kept switching between melee weapons trying to find a stronger one but the best that I could find was maybe a rubber or weak mallet or hammer or something.

I can not remember if I finally found a better melee weapon and hurt or killed it or if we just stopped and had a stalemate once I realized like how pointless this was and maybe I somewhat remembered some of Lost Truth’s (Moment’s) thoughts on situations like this in dreams like in her post A Swarm of Crocodiles – Dream Analysis and / or I realized how this reminds me of some situations in some of my dreams and that maybe if I stopped fighting the crocodile maybe it would stop too because maybe my aggression caused it to be aggressive in response to mine.

Either way something strange possibly happened either during the fight or during the stalemate or at another time that is super unclear and strange, and I have no clear explanation of it.

Possibly another dream within the dream was partly somehow visible to me briefly in the corner of my awareness like maybe a dream within a dream partly moved into this dream world (like one dream world colliding with another dream world) or this was just a daydream in my mind or a device of some kind was playing this where I could see it in the distance or something else weird like this, I have no idea, whatever it was I remember seeing Krysten Ritter and two men with light-color skin standing up naked having a threesome.

They had just started so no sexual intercourse was happening yet, Ms. Ritter’s breasts were larger and bouncier, one of the men approached her from behind and started fondling her breasts as she leaned back to maybe kiss him and run her hand through his hair, and maybe the other man was slowly approaching.

Whatever this was it was possibly a pornographic movie because I think that I remember seeing and / or hearing something that said: Doctor Love: *Somethings that I can not remember* Gets Creamed or Doctor Love Knows Best: *Somethings that I can not remember* or maybe something like that.

Whatever this was ended or stopped right after this so no intercourse had started, I was still doing whatever I was doing in the main dream when that had briefly went on, and so I was possibly fighting the crocodile during that or moving around keeping a distance from the crocodile if there was a stalemate.

But I got awakened by an alarm maybe, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

So I finally dreamed of a crocodile instead of an alligator, I guess Moment’s (Lost Truth’s) dream(s) impacted mine.

The end,

  • John Jr

2 replies on “Ric Flair On Fire | Attacking A Crocodile”

Hello The Otaku Judge,

Definitely, in my dream the wrestling match was like you would expect for a Ric Flair match, and I worried that he was too old to be doing all of that still; it also reminded me of the movie The Wrestler, he seemed to really enjoy wrestling again, even if it killed him.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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