Superheroes And Supervillains And Child Sidekicks / Trainees

I remembered more dreams but I did not record them, and so now I only remember part of maybe one dream with 4 parts or part of four dreams that I will type as one.

Part 1

This part of the dream possibly took place inside a shopping mall / college-like building with long large hallways or something, the building was mostly just long rows like this, and there was a battle or something going on between children / young people with superpowers who were superhero and supervillain et cetera sidekicks and trainees.

I somehow got involved, I probably did not have superpowers, but I could be wrong.

Then adult superheros and supervillains showed up and took over, and maybe eventually the battle or whatever ended.

Part 2

This part of the dream took place at a house or something where three children with superpowers were, and maybe they were trying to deal with some adult supervillains themselves but were greatly outnumbered so I hid with them in a safe room while the supervillains looked for us and did whatever they were there to do.

I remember the leader being a man who told the others to spend up to 1 hour and several minutes looking for us, they did not find us, and they left.

Part 3

This part of the dream possibly involved me taking those three superpowered children to their home, and they lived with their parents and the rest of their family in a large fictional house where Mr. F’s house should be across from my aunt JE’s house.

The house matched the style of a normally not so well-built wooden house on Eastside but it was raised higher off the ground and was larger, the family invited me for dinner or something, and then they had me playing with the children while they prepared the food or something.

It was strange being an adult playing with children I did not know in their room in someone’s home who(m) I did not know or was familiar with, but they were very friendly and enjoyed me being there.

After this I thanked them and said goodbye and I left.

Part 4

This part of the dream probably took place the next day and I was in my parents yard, and I saw some children at that same house or another fictional house where Mr. F’s house should be.

The children were in the yard and a thin man with medium-color skin wearing glasses was driving a car and driving at them like he was trying to hit them, but this seemed to just be a game that they were doing for fun.

I thought that this was stupid and dangerous, they all seemed to know each other and probably be related, but at some point the man accidentally hit the church mobile home next door on its left side which shook it a bit.

They walked over to see the damage, the side was broken a bit, and it seemed to have already been broken and was worse now so they started cleaning up the pieces.

My female coworker DT walked over to me noticing this and commenting about it, and telling me some gossip / rumors about that family.

DT told me that maybe the mom and dad had relationship problems and separated, and she told me some other things.

DT started to walk over for a closer look, and so I followed her.

But that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr

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