Sex / Work-For-Rent + Zombies / Draugr + Skeletons + Black Water / Black Lava? + A Water Monster = ?

After work I took a nap and had at least two dreams and some strange experiences, but I did not record them.

Later I had some dreams but did not record them, and so now I can only remember some fragments of the end of my last dream that I had remembered more of but I kept trying to go back to sleep without recording it so I lost most of it.


Dark Theme | Backstage At YouTube

Dark Theme | Backstage At YouTube

What Is It?

Today, the YouTube Help channel released a YouTube video called Dark Theme | Backstage At YouTube that is about the new dark theme for YouTube.

Here is how YouTube Help describes this video:

Daniel and Veena from YouTube answer your questions about Dark theme.

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Dark theme is rolling out on the latest version of the YouTube Android app.

You may need to restart your app to see the toggle on/off in Settings.

If you don’t have the new feature yet, you should soon.

Learn more about Dark theme in our Help Center:

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