Sex / Work-For-Rent + Zombies / Draugr + Skeletons + Black Water / Black Lava? + A Water Monster = ?

After work I took a nap and had at least two dreams and some strange experiences, but I did not record them.

Later I had some dreams but did not record them, and so now I can only remember some fragments of the end of my last dream that I had remembered more of but I kept trying to go back to sleep without recording it so I lost most of it.

This dream was possibly partly inspired by a video called Sex-For-Rent Offered By Landlords – BBC News that I watched before going to sleep, and one of the recent episodes of Fear The Walking Dead (Season 4) that had a supposed alligator under water that even attacked walkers (zombies):

Sex-for-rent offered by landlords – BBC News
Fear the Walking Dead Season 4: Official Comic-Con Trailer

All that I can remember is being inside a building with my female coworker CR and some women who were with CR, and they went to the owner of the building who had a sex and / or work-for-rent scheme going on to stay at this building for free or cheap it seemed but I could be wrong.

CR and the other women spoke to the owner who was an overweight older man with light-color skin, I stood at a distance, and we were inside a strange room with a tall ceiling.

There was something strange going on throughout the building were the floor was a combination of black water / black liquid / black lava-like stuff with some parts being fluid that was possibly thicker than normal water and some parts being harden and some parts being possibly normal flooring, and so it was hard to tell what was what so you had to be careful when walking around the building.

The black liquid parts were possibly about the thickness of the liquid in the black room from the movie Under The Skin (video nudity warning):

Under the Skin – Victim #1

In the liquid parts of the floor there was some kind of alligator or shark or fish or water monster / water creature that would kill anything that got too close to or fell in the liquid parts of the floor, whatever it was it stayed under the water so you could only sometimes see its fin or barely part of the top of it, and so moving around was dangerous.

The owner and CR and the women came to some kind of agreement, it seemed that they / we would be able to stay at the building in exchange for work (and maybe more for the women, but I have no idea because I was too far away to hear), but the owner probably got killed by the water monster / creature (maybe CR and the women helped make this happen indirectly to get rid of him because of the sex-for-rent part of his assumed renting scheme, but I can not remember and I did not care either way and I possibly was glad or at least okay with his death).

Besides the water creature / monster and the black liquid that we had to worry about, we also had to worry about zombies and / or draugr and skeletons that were also attacking anyone they saw, and so we had to fight them while trying to survive the other things.

The skeletons were the worst and creepiest, they were just skeletons who were all bones who could somehow move without muscles and skin and they looked freaky with their constant smiling faces, and their bone bodies could take more damage than the zombies / draugr so I had to hit them more times and destroy the correct body parts to disable and defeat them.

I remember having to knock off their legs and destroy their skulls et cetera, they could take several hits easily so you had to dodge or block their attacks while doing this while also trying to avoid the black liquid areas, and they were usually taller than me.

We probably used any melee weapon that we could find and anything that we could find as a weapon, zombies / draugr and skeletons were sometimes killed by the water creature / monster when they got too close or fell in the black liquid, and so we used this to our advantage as we fought and made our way through the building.

I remember us reaching a hallway and making our way to the end carefully, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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