Seeing Someone Wear The Brown Rectangle Glasses #2020015

I woke up remembering some dreams but did not record them before going back to sleep several times, and so now I barely remember one part at the very end of my last dream.

This dream was inspired by me looking at glasses (eyeglasses) at the Zenni Optical website before going to bed, I am currently down to two universal bridge fit glasses frames to choose from, and once I make my decision I need to decide whether to get transition lenses (photochromic lenses) for them or not.

(Anyone reading this please feel free to share your opinion on:

Which glasses frame you think that I should get?

And whether I should get transition lenses for them or not?).

Black Square Glasses #2019321

Brown Rectangle Glasses #2020015

My memory is too unclear, but in the dream I was possibly looking at glasses online at probably the Zenni Optical website.

In another part of the dream world there was a man who reminded me of an overweight everyday man version of the character Luis Fernando Lopez from the video game expansion pack Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony who was also looking at glasses, and there was possibly a woman and man with light-color skin in another part of the dream who knew this man who were also possibly looking at glasses.

At some point the two men and the woman met up somewhere, and I happened to be walking by them.

The man who looked like Luis was wearing what looked like the Brown Rectangle Glasses #2020015, I have not been able to find any pictures of someone wearing them, and so this was my chance to see them in real life until my test pair arrive by mail so I probably stopped to ask them if I could see the glasses.

I can not remember but I think that they let me see them and we possibly talked about glasses at the Zenni Optical website and glasses that we had and have et cetera, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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I like both! I like the textures on the top front and side handles of the black frames. For whatever reason, I tend to look at the designs located around the hinges of eyeglasses. Plus, the brown frames seem livelier. It probably would be better to wear both frames in front of others and let them give their opinions.

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Hello Flynn,

Thank you very much for taking the time to share that, I have never had designs on my glasses before, and so that is something that I thought would be interesting as well.

Zenni Optical has the option to just buy just the frames (they come with non-prescription lenses and a hard case and a cleaning cloth) at half the price, their shipping is about $4.50 regardless of how many you order, and so that is cool for when you want to just buy some test frames or something so the brown frame might be here in a week and then I can compare them to the black frame that I already have a test pair for.

I also have a test frame for the other color option for the black frames which is clear, oddly my parents and my brother GC liked the clear version better than the black while I liked the black better, and it seems that light reflects off the clear version more and light can make the frames glow and glare in your eye a bit at certain angles.

What is your opinion of the clear version vs. the black version?

Also would you recommend transition lenses?

Thank you,
-John Jr


Hi, the clear version looks normal but I can see some glaring light may pass into your eyeballs. I have both bi-focal and transition lenses, both of which I would NOT recommend. The bi-focals can distort vision while looking downward and I found that I tend to look down half of the time at my feet while walking and at the dashboard while driving. I noticed too that transition shades are NOT very dark and seems to work at its full capacity while activated under FULL sunshine. So if you want continuous DARKENED protection, you’re better off with a separate pair of sunglasses. Hope this helps, John Jr.

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Hello Flynn,

Thank you for answering that.

I think that there may be some glare issues with the clear version as well, but out of curiosity which version do you like the look of better out of the clear and black version?

I am glad that you have both of those, I do not need bifocals or progressive lenses yet fortunately but it is good to hear about some of the issues with those, and transition lenses are an optional thing that I was just considering so fortunately I do not need sunglasses or even transition lenses but a bit more UV protection sometimes could be nice.

That being said in reference to transition lenses, since I do not need sunglasses level protection really, do you think that they are worth getting (at $30 extra for the cheaper Zenni Optical photochromic lenses version), or do you think that they are not worth it and look unfashionable and make most people look like a creep / pervert / dork / weirdo / outcast / et cetera which is a common issue that I have heard people mention in forums in reference to how transition lenses look on most people in their opinions?

Thank you,
-John Jr

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Hello Flynn,

All of their lenses, even the free ones (I always get the free lenses), come with a free UV coating and scratch resistant coating; but you have to pay extra for the anti-reflective coatings and tints and transitions et cetera.

So far Zenni Optical is the cheapest and best place that I have bought glasses from, and it is cool that just buying test frames is an option and that buying test frames are 50% cheaper so a $6 frame would only be $3 if you are just buying a test pair.

Either of the current two pairs that I am considering are taller than all of my previous frames so they should give me better coverage.

My current frame is the Black Flexible Plastic Full-Rim Frame #202421 ( that were 1 mm too short vertically for bifocals / progressive lenses (I do not need them, but I like to have frames that support more options in case I do need them one day).

I am currently limiting myself to the new universal bridge fit frames to see if they really fit more faces better as advertised, the test frames do seem to stay on better, but I have not gotten to wear them long because they do not have prescription lenses in them so I can not wear them all day.

-John Jr

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I agree. The ‘taller’ frames seem to offer better coverage. But due to the lack of a high-bridged nose, my current ‘shorter’ frame with floppy handles does NOT slide off my nose, but my vision is hampered by the small frame AND bi-focals. And the weight of your ‘final’ frame will be heavier with prescriptions lenses than the test frames, by the way. So good luck with your new eyewear and look, too! Oh, yeah! I forgot to mentioned that your new Gravatar icon image is nice and maybe you could have a frame that closely matches your cartoon character.

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Hello Flynn,

That is good that your current frame does not slide off your nose, that is unfortunate about the other things though, maybe a larger frame and maybe progressive lenses would be a better option; I have some sliding that happens with my current frames.

That is true especially with thicker lenses, and so thank you for the reminder because that could also help anyone reading this.

Thank you, hopefully this will be an improvement.

Thank you, I was wearing my current glasses when the caricature drew that caricature of me not long ago.

My current options are limited because of my current requirements of: no movable nose pieces so I have only been using plastic frames which have been more comfortable and better for me and no green marks et cetera from reactions to some metal frames, frame width has to be over 138 mm, lenses height has to be over 30 mm and under 40 mm, and I am trying to try the universal bridge fit option which has only been around maybe a few months so the number of frames that fit these requirements are limited especially when you need wider frames like me.

Thank you very much for replying,
-John Jr

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Hello Drdorioeyecare,

Thank you for sharing that.

While that is true, it still would be nice to get other people’s opinion, even if it is only which they would like for themselves.

Sometimes I like to know what other people like and their opinions et cetera, instead of just me guessing, and sometimes that helps me to not only better understand other people but that information can help me when making choices et cetera.

Thank you for commenting.


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