A Man At The Abandoned House

I went to sleep after 5:00 AM and I had a variety of dreams and woke up and went back to sleep several times without typing or thinking about any of my dreams, and so now I can not remember most of my dreams except for some random dream fragments.

Dream 1

One dream involved The Abandoned House, I heard what sounded like a male voice coming from over there, and maybe a short bald man with dark-medium or dark-color skin was there who looked like a man I saw in real life walking on side of the street on my way home from work.

Dream 2

One or more dreams were inspired by one or more of the animes that I watched on Toonami before going to sleep like one of the seasons of the anime television show JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012 TV series), and so maybe stands / stand users were in this dream or dreams.

I possibly had a Dragon Ball inspired dream that was also inspired by a video called Dragon Ball Z Abridged: Episode 60 – Part 3 – #DBZA60 | Team Four Star (TFS) that I watched before going to sleep:

Dream 3

I possibly had a dream involving glasses (eyeglasses), but I am not sure.

Dream 4

I possibly had one or more dreams that involved my blog and / or my job and / or home and / or something else from my real life.

Dream 5

I possibly had one or more dreams that were inspired by some YouTube videos that I watched before going to sleep.

The end,

-John Jr

2 thoughts on “A Man At The Abandoned House

    • Hello Flynn,

      Team Four Star’s Dragon Ball abridged videos are better than the original in my opinion.

      Yeah, they love adding super powerful villains that requires the Z Warriors to fight until Goku saves the day usually. 😀

      Thank you for commenting,
      -John Jr

      Liked by 1 person

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