Barack Obama & Other Politicians On Ladders

I did not record any of the dreams that I remembered except for some quick text notes of the end of one dream that was possibly symbolic.

Barack Obama was possibly still The President Of The United States in this dream but I am not sure, he did have United States Secret Service agents protecting him and people seemed to be acting like he was possibly still the president but I could be wrong, and I was outside somewhere during maybe a gray day or late afternoon or early evening.

While outside I saw Mr. Obama at the top of a very tall ladder (the kind that has to lean against something) that was leaning on maybe a tall billboard-like thing, and he was trying to adjust a large flat screen television (TV) that was up there that possibly belonged to him.

There were several other tall ladders up there too with some other American politicians along with some of their spouses and maybe some United States Secret Service agents who were possibly up there too and some were on the ground trying to make sure that they do not fall, and they were trying to convince Mr. Obama that this was not safe but he continued anyway.

Joe Biden and Rudy Giuliani were among some of the politicians I saw on the ladders, they were very high in the air, and this looked super dangerous.

They were up so high that you would probably die if you fell to the ground, and so everyone seemed very worried for Mr. Obama’s / their safety et cetera.

I am not sure if Michelle Obama was there too or not, and I can not remember which other politicians I saw there (I would not be surprised if Bill Clinton was there, but I can not remember).

I remember some of them trying to help prevent people from falling because sometimes people lost their balance, including Mr. Obama, when I walked to the back of the billboard to see the back of the television I saw someone fall.

The billboard / TV was in the way so I could not see, I just heard people gasp in horror, but I did not see them hit the ground and I heard sighs of relief.

I walked to where I could see and some of the people had somewhat caught the person early and prevented their fall, and then I possibly noticed that maybe just maybe some of the people were possibly wearing parachutes but I am not sure.

Even after all of this clear danger and near falls, Mr. Obama still seemed determined to adjust the television himself for some unknown reason, and I guess all the others were there for the ride trying / struggling to be part of it too like people trying to follow the crowd (peer pressure) and playing their roles and keeping up appearances and feigning (faking) support and participating in the game et cetera even if it meant putting their lives in danger unnecessarily.

I then walked to the back of the billboard again, but then Mr. Obama fell.

I could not see, but I heard people gasping in shock and horror and I saw the Secret Service agents on the ground scrambling to try to help in anyway.

I assumed that maybe they had caught Mr. Obama early, but I was not sure; and I woke up before I could find out probably because of an alarm.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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