A Law School / Law Clinic / Law Course? | A Catholic Medical School / College?

Dream 1

This dream involved a man with light-color skin with dark-color hair who was pretty hairy who had possibly just finished law school and was starting his own tiny law school or law clinic or law course where you could get paid after completing it.

We were in a room in a building that was by a sidewalk near a street, and I guess the man was renting this space.

I can not remember what this was all about, I assume that we got to learn while actually working on one or more jobs with him, but I can not remember.

Me and some other students finished the course / job / whatever expecting to get paid, but the man (our teacher / professor / whatever) gave us the bad news.

He did not have things figured out or properly prepared yet (he had just finished law school himself) so he did not have enough money to pay us, but he did get a local college to agree to give us college credit for completing this course / clinic / whatever.

We were not happy to hear this because this is not what we had agreed to and most of us probably had no plans to attend that college, and it did not seem worth it exactly in some ways.

A tall thin male classmate with light-medium color skin started to express his anger about the situation, but I woke up.

Dream 2

Some of my classmates from the previous dream were possibly in this dream, but I can not remember.

This dream took place in another country, but I am not sure which country.

I was an international student a maybe a Catholic Medical School / College, but I could be wrong.

There were some other international students there too who were from maybe Vietnam, The Philippines, Thailand, and maybe several other countries; and some of us would meet up to study and talk and help each other and hang out and go into the city.

We probably stayed at a multi-story brick college dorm that was on campus.

We would sometimes go to a building that had an obstacle course-like thing, the person over it was an old man with light-color skin who was a doctor / professor / the person over this / some other things, and he had mostly or all women working under him.

In the obstacle course-like thing in the building we would have to deal with various things each time, getting to be tested and getting practice, and it seemed that they were observing us and also trying to decide what we should study and maybe if we had what it took to continue learning at the college.

One day I remember meeting up with some of the other international students outside maybe the dorms, the leader of our group seemed to be a man from maybe Vietnam who had light-medium or dark-light color skin, and he was trying to come up with ideas for us to use to help each other et cetera.

I seemed to be the support person helping the group with ideas and bringing things together, and so I did this during our talk.

After this we went to the obstacle course-like building, some of the women had their hair in a style like Princess Leia and some of us men had fake laser pistols, and so I guess today there was some kind of Star Wars theme on campus or something.

When we entered the building the female workers took our fake laser pistols as we got in line, but one of them told me that the man in charge wanted to talk to me so she walked me to him.

The man started to tell me that they have been watching me and my progress, they had not expected me to do well (I think that we all had to do questionnaires, interviews, maybe they did background checks into our previous academic careers et cetera and I guess they observe us), but that I have surprised them and far exceeded their expectations.

The man told me that I worked well with others and supporting groups, and that I was doing good in the various obstacle courses I guess.

He told me that he felt that I had a bright future and a lot of potential, that he mentioned me in his sermon (I then learned that he was also a priest I guess) and that he had mentioned me to one of the higher-ups at the school / college, and maybe he had prayed about me and felt that maybe the Christian God even gave him a sign that he was correct about me.

He mentioned something about kidneys, first I thought that he was just using a strange saying, but then it seemed that he was possibly really talking about kidneys.

It seemed that maybe he was a kidney doctor and specialized in that and was a surgeon, and maybe he felt that I would be a good fit in that field to and it seemed that maybe he wanted me to be his apprentice or something.

If I was correct about this then I did not think that made sense for someone like me but I tried to keep an open mind and he was so sure and impressed and was complementing me so much that I just listened and thanked him without countering him with my doubts.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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