The New Founding Fathers Coup?

The Purge (TV Series): This Is The New America | on USA Network

This dream was possibly inspired by the new The Purge television show.

The Purge (TV Series) | Official Trailer | on USA Network

This dream took place inside a multi-story multi-purpose building that was like a combination of a convention center, shopping mall, college, hotel, and maybe one or more conferences and / or something was going on.

There is more to this dream that I can not remember, I had a room in this building on one of the upper floors, which is where most or all of this dream took place.

I remember walking around the hallways past the various stores and restaurants and et cetera, there were many other people there, and when I was passing a sitting area I noticed a somewhat older man with dark-color skin who I recognized from the city of D.

I greeted him and he stopped me and introduced me to a tall thin older man with dark-color skin who was a celebrity who somewhat reminded me of Mr. / Reverend C who used to work with my dad, and they basically forced recruited me for some church event that they were doing tomorrow.

I did not agree to it, they just briefly mentioned the church event, and the man from the city of D told the celebrity that I would be there because I had nothing better to do (it seemed that he did not realize that I have a job et cetera).

At some point in the dream we learned through an emergency alert system (EAS) / radio / television / mobile phone / et cetera that a coup had just taken place and that a new government had taken over the country, and this group was a political party / group whose name I can not remember but it was possibly The New Founding Fathers or something close to that.

Members of that party / group / the new government had also taken over the building that we were in, and so they probably had armed members in the building.

The new government immediately started changing laws and rules and customs et cetera in the country, and they were using the emergency alert system et cetera to inform us citizens and issue orders and spread their propaganda et cetera.

I was not sure how they had successfully staged a coup like this but I assumed that it would not last long, many other people must have felt the same because I did not see people fighting back, we assumed that the old government / military / police / et cetera would quickly take control again from this new government so most of us seemed to be just waiting it out to see what happens before taking any action against the new government.

As I walked around I paid attention to the people and New Founding Fathers party members and the messages from the new government, and the situation.

They seemed to be establishing a class system among other things, I noticed that I was wearing a red polo shirt with thin horizontal white stripes with khaki pants, and I started to notice more people wearing the same thing like maybe this was part of the dress code for the working class or something but I have no idea.

I heard the new government bragging: “Our government is the whitest government in our country’s history!”.

I can not remember the changes that were being made by the new government but they probably seemed more right-wing / conservative and extremist, they were trying to go backwards on some things, and they were wasting no time changing the country in their image.

I did not like some of the stuff that I was seeing and hearing with these rapid changes, and with us basically being prisoners in the building.

I remember trying to find my room, but I can not remember if I found it or not.

At some point when I was walking through the halls I saw and possibly met a tall thin attractive model-like woman with light-brown skin with curly medium-length brown hair, we possibly briefly talked (maybe about the coup situation and the problems that we had with the changes), and she briefly became somewhat of a main character in the dream as she walked around before the attention returned to me (I am not sure if we both were in the same scene during this or if I saw things from her point of view briefly or what happened).

I sat my glasses (eyeglasses) somewhere and I could not find them, maybe my vision was blurry now but I am not sure, and I walked around looking for my glasses.

The woman was looking for something and / or trying to do something too as we walked around.

We both were probably surprised and concerned that there was no news of the coup being ended yet, which made us wonder about the situation outside the building and in the rest of the country, and how the world was reacting to this and what this possibly meant for our country’s future.

The end,

  • John Jr

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