My Coworker Mrs. C & Superpowers & Other Mes?

The One (2001)
Jet Li in The One (2001)
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I had this dream at a hotel after going to sleep late after some female hotel guests were arguing and fighting in the hallway, and I was not able to record my dreams like I normally would so my current memory of this dream is unclear and confusing and many details are missing.

I remember being inside maybe a slightly fictional version of The E House, but I was probably another / alternate / fictional version of myself who was more attractive and charming and more confident and had superpowers.

I remember being there with a fictional more attractive possibly slightly younger version of my coworker Mrs. C, and I remember us talking about a variety of topics including: some fictional information about things that I was probably not supposed to share (this possible other / alternative version of me had superpowers and was involved with various things / groups / maybe governments / et cetera because of this), The United States and Russia, race, ethnicity, and ancestry.

On the topic of race I mentioned some of my anti-race and anti-racialism beliefs, I do not believe in or support race, but this fictional version of Mrs. C probably believed in race and racialism like most people where I live unfortunately so she possibly tried to carefully dance around the subject and say something that she thought would not sound as bad.

That was the only rough spot during our conversation, the rest was good, and at some point during our conversation I was holding Mrs. C in the air for some unknown reason.

During this moment there was a pause from the laughter and we looked at each other as we started to feel a connection, a possibly romantic one and it seemed that Mrs. C was possibly about to lean forward to kiss me, but I quickly ended the moment and put her down and reminded her that she is married.

We briefly talked about what happened before I ended the conversation, and I returned to my room next to the dinning room by the family room but I am not sure where Mrs. C went.

At some point some superpowered men arrived for me, possibly because I told Mrs. C too many things that I possibly were not supposed to share, and one of them was very large and tall and super strong and reminded me of a combination of the Juggernaut (Cain Marko) and Colossus but was in-between them in size.

They said something to me that I do not remember, I know that I had no choice according to them and they were going to force me to go with them (kidnap me), but I decided to say no so they attacked me.

I guess I had a healing factor like Deadpool and they must have known this because the huge superpowered man grabbed me by the leg and slammed me back and forth on the floor like The Hulk did to Loki until I was smashed up into almost a ball, and they walked off with my body that was still conscious (I possibly even made a few jokes like Deadpool as they dragged my smashed up body away) and I assume would magically heal back to normal eventually.

This makes no sense but it seems that was another version / alternate version of me like there was more than one of me, and somehow I was now either myself or yet another version of myself that was separate from the version that had just got dragged away by the superpowered men.

I was going to save the other me but the superpowered men seemed to have expected this so they had traps in the yard to slow me down, and so I had to stop and disable and avoid traps until they had already escaped.

I stopped my chase to clear the yard of traps so that no one would get killed or hurt by them, they seemed to have predicted this like they knew me pretty well, and to speed up the trap finding process I activated some kind of enhanced vision superpower / visual jutsu (dōjutsu) that this version of me had that made it easy for me to see and find the hidden traps.

This enhanced vision superpower or visual jutsu possibly allowed me to think and / or say what I wanted to look for and it would make that stand out by marking things as certain colors and making them glow and stand out and it would zoom in on them and allow me to see through things et cetera.

After clearing possibly all of the traps but before I could do a final check, a boy with dark-color skin from inside the house who had heard the superpowered men say my name (first and last) and the noise when they took the other me, ran outside to investigate.

I warned him about the traps and how I had not done my final search of the yard yet, he told me what he had heard, but I can not remember if I told him what happened or if I just listened to his guesses about what had happened.

While talking to me he noticed two boxes of ammunition on the ground, one was pistol rounds and another was rifle rounds, and they both belonged to the boy so he picked them up.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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