Corrie Side + A Multi-Purpose Building + An Angry Patron = ?

This is either one transitioning dream or several transitioning dreams that I had when I kept waking up and going back to sleep because my body / mind did not seem to want to keep sleeping even though I did not go to bed early, and so I will type it as one dream since I am not sure.

This dream or dreams were partly inspired by two YouTube videos by Corrie Side that I watched before going to sleep called Fall Glasses Haul – Cheap Frames from Zenni Optical | CORRIE SIDE and Sleepwear Set & Kimono – Sewn by Me | CORRIE SIDE:

Part 1

Part of this dream involved Corrie Side showing different sewing patterns, fabrics, outfits that she had sewn, and glasses (eyeglasses).

This possibly started as a video that she was making but I am not sure, and then somehow it was taking place at maybe a multi-purpose college-like building where maybe several events were taking place.

I went to the area where Corrie Side was filming her video and I probably talked with her when she was finished, maybe mostly about glasses and maybe about how she learned to sew et cetera, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Part 2

This part of the dream took place on an upper floor of a multi-purpose college building, I possibly had a dorm room or apartment on one floor of the building, and I was there among college students et cetera moving between activities on maybe different floors of the building and in different rooms.

There was a semi-custom or somewhat unique outfit (there was more than one, but maybe not that many; and maybe they were handmade or something by someone (maybe by Corrie Side, but who knows)) that I had gotten during a forgotten part of this dream, but I possibly was not wearing it or not wearing at this point and I possibly put it in my room before continuing the activities.

One activity took place in a dimly lit room where we were watching a movie or something while sitting on the floor, some of my former classmates were there like my former male classmate JC and JP, and I remember talking to them.

At the end I realized that JP had the same or similar outfit that I had gotten, I then noticed that the shoes looked a bit pink and like women’s dress shoes in shape, and so I immediately decided to get rid of the outfit that I had at my room even though mine possibly did not look exactly the same.

After the movie or whatever was over and after the female professor / teacher spoke, I left to probably get rid of the outfit, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Part 3

This part of the dream took place during the evening or night, a nicely dressed (suit and vest and flower thing on his coat pocket et cetera) fashionable young man with light-medium color skin with dark nicely styled hair was sitting in his car vlogging for his YouTube channel, he seemed to have a YouTube channel about fashion.

He would sometimes speak in another language that I assumed to be Spanish, and he even referred to maybe his grandmother several times in maybe Spanish using a nickname for grandmother.

He was sitting in his car outside a closed gas station, somehow I ended up being in the back seat as he vlogged, and I remember the police passing by and then he drove to a large outdoor pizza stand with several young adult workers that was possibly a Cicis.

After finishing his vlog the young man possibly went to order some pizza and / or wait for them to close, and at some point we were inside the pizza stand including his car and the pizza stand and the car and the young man looked different now without me noticing.

The car possibly had no top or sides now or they were in the air like suicide doors or something crazy like that, the pizza stand was like a normal but narrow indoor building now, and the young man looked somewhat like a thin sickly version of my former male schoolmate / Dollar General coworker C.

The young man was friends with the employees and his girlfriend was one of them, she was thin with light-color skin with long straight yellow hair, they were closing up the pizza stand and talking and hanging out.

At some point some of their friends and family members showed up, and at some point a young man with light-color skin with yellow hair started acting angry and it seemed to be directly at me even though I was just sitting in the car minding my own business.

I asked him if he was mad at me and why, he started ranting and acting a bit racist about something, and eventually he turned into a kid without me noticing and I recognized him as a patron from the library I work at.

The now child version of him said that he had come to our library looking for a children’s book about snipers for The United States government / military but that we could not find it, and he felt that this was some kind of conspiracy against him and The United States and patriotic Americans / conservatives / et cetera.

He was angry and ranting as I tried to talk to him and explain that there was no conspiracy, and that we simply had not found it and that the children’s non-fiction is often out of order worse than any section in the library so it can be hard to find things and so we had the book on hold for him and that we were still looking for it.

The kid would not listen or calm down so I walked him to the library, somehow we were in a multi-purpose building again like in the other parts of the dream, and the library was inside this building.

I walked him to the library while trying to calm him down and explain things, he was still angry and ranting, but I stayed calm and I kept trying until it seemed to start working.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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