Some Of My Coworkers Wearing Purple Tinted Glasses

I had several dreams that I woke up remembering good enough to record, but somehow I went back to sleep without recording them each time that I got awakened by my alarms and I went back to sleep so now I can only barely remember part of probably several dreams that I will type as one.

My supervisor Mrs. JM and / or another female coworker of mine was talking to me in this part of the dream, I noticed that she was wearing new rectangular glasses (eyeglasses) with maybe 10% or more purple tint on the lenses, but I can not remember if I asked them about them or not.

In another part of the dream I was approached by one of the assistant directors of The BP Library, my coworker Mrs. C, and she was wearing the same or similar purple tinted glasses as my previous coworker.

Mrs. C told me that she has noticed that I have not been talking as much recently so she wanted to help me with this, and so she invited me to watch a movie at her house tomorrow with her family / friends / some of our other coworkers.

I accepted her offer, she was not sure which movie we would watch or at what time, but she would call or text me to let me know.

I was curious about whether she had seen the movie Inception before or not but I probably did not ask, I started to think about a movie that we could watch like Inception or maybe an anime like maybe Princess Mononoke or an old classic of some kind that most people would possibly like, and maybe I asked her about her new glasses.

After we went our separate ways I had assumed that the movie day would be on Sunday, but then I started to think that maybe it would be Saturday which would be a problem because me and my brother GC usually watch anime on Toonami on Saturday night until Sunday morning.

The next part of the dream involved me being at work and my brother GC was there too, we seemed to be taking our breaks and talking, but then our female coworker JB and her son joined us.

I started talking to JB, my brother GC did not join in the conversation, and JB was wearing the same or similar purple tinted glasses that at least two other coworkers of ours were wearing so I asked her about them and I told her about how some of our other coworkers had the same or similar tinted glasses.

JB’s son joined the conversation a few times and cursed and said some bad words so JB had to tell him to stop several times, and I remember commenting about this and recommending maybe replacement words instead of the curse words.

But I got awakened by an alarm again as we were still talking.

The end,

-John Jr

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