A College Dorm And The Wrong Eighteen-Wheeler

Dream 1

This dream took place at a college where I was a student I assume, and I lived in a small one-story college dorm on the edge of the college campus next to a road and next to a parking lot near the cafeteria.

My roommate was man with light-color skin, and at some point my brother CC arrives to visit and will stay with us a little while and use a third bed that possibly used to belong to another roommate.

My brother CC seemed to be on a break from the military and from his family, I was not sure if this was allowed or not, but I did ask my roommate if it was okay with him and he said yes.

I told my brother CC that I would pay for his food each day at the cafeteria, but I was not sure if he could eat there with us or not.

At some point I needed to go to a doctor’s appointment and my brother CC rode with me as I drove there, at the front desk I asked a female employee if my brother CC was allowed to be in the lobby and if I had to pay extra for him being there, and she said that it was okay and that I did not have to pay extra.

The doctor was standing behind her and he rolled his eyes and looked annoyed by my questions, and then I told my brother CC but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream involved me driving to The D Post Office, I parked in the parking lot, and to my left was a woman and man with light-color skin standing outside of their automobile like something was wrong with it so I asked them if they needed help.

They needed some more space so I went to move an eighteen-wheeler (semi-trailer truck) that I thought was mine or the one that I used for my job in this dream sometimes, when I got inside of the eighteen-wheeler I did not see the key, and then I realized that it was not mine or the one from work so I got out and I told the man and woman.

I then moved my automobile and we tried to figure out another way to help them, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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