A Paranormal Phenomenon De Santos?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I am not sure if this is all one dream or not so I will type it as one dream, it was a long detailed interesting strange dream, but unfortunately I can not remember most of it.

At some point in the dream I was inside a house / school / indoor / outdoor-like building, part of the building was partly based on The E House, and in a fictional version of the left corner of where the living room should be was maybe a little island-like area that was possibly separated from the normal floor by shallow water like a large water puddle but I could be wrong.

When I was walking through this part of the building my attention was drawn to this corner for no clear reason, it was like this corner was calling to me (not literally) and trying to pull me to it like some kind of paranormal / supernatural force, if you got to close or focused on it the pull would get stronger and it seemed to gain more control over you or something.

Somehow my cautiousness / natural defenses / whatever seemed to be strong enough to allow me to have some resistance to it, and I could sense that something was not right and my survival instincts were triggering to avoid that corner and warning me of danger and to get away from it.

I got somewhat close to it out of curiosity and the closer you got the colder it got like it could literally freeze you if you got too close and stayed too long, it almost pulled me to it and took control of me, but I was able to resist and get away.

I walked away but walked back not long after, I saw a young man standing in that corner on the island-like area, and he seemed to be frozen and a man who was or reminded me of my former male classmate MH was walking over there like the corner was calling him and had control of him like he was mesmerized by it (which is how I felt too, but I was able to resist it somewhat but it could control me too if I stayed too long).

I tried to warn him but he was mesmerized and walked to the corner and started freezing too, a somewhat older overweight woman with dark-color skin started calling for her son who was the young man who seemed to be freezing, and I warned her to stay back and I risked my life to save him and MH or the MH-like man.

I ran over and I grabbed the freezing young man, I could feel the coldness getting stronger and the pull and the mind control attempts or whatever, but I kept my resistance up and I carried the young man to the middle room and I laid him on something.

His mother and I tried to wake him up but he literally had ice on him, I heard a quiet flatline-like sound like his heart had stopped, and so I hit him in the chest with my fist several times until his heart started back beating and he woke up.

We got a heating pad and put it on him, and then I ran to save MH and I brought him back and laid them next to each other under the heating pad.

I was somewhat cold but I started to warm myself up too, I still felt some lingering impact from that corner like my resistance had been weakened, and so getting close to it again would definitely not be a good idea.

I wondered what kind of phenomenon was going on in that corner, was it paranormal and / or supernatural and / or natural, and what was causing it et cetera.

I felt that area should be blocked off and that warning signs should be put up, and that scientists et cetera should investigate what was going on there but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

This part of the dream started in maybe the school-like part of the building where maybe there were students and other people, at some point I was in a dimly lit room on a stage-like area with other people watching something, and on the ground level in the distance I started to see a woman with light-color skin with short-to-medium length somewhat curly yellow hair who somewhat reminded me of a former female classmate of mine from elementary school whose name I can not remember but maybe it started with a S.

This woman seemed to be watching, looking for something, trying to do something, and maybe talking out-loud to herself sometimes so her behavior was strange so I kept an eye on her sometimes as she moved around.

At some point it seemed that I was her target, she seemed to be stalking me and it seemed that she knew me, and I heard her mumbling to herself about someone who I assumed to be me in the past.

It sounded like she was mumbling about in the past when we were in school together I had told her some inspiring things and about some of my grand goals and plans in life that I wanted to achieve in the future, she was inspired by words and by my future plans, but now that I am older I had not reached those goals and had not become the man that she had expected and that I had hoped to be and this seemed to really bother her seeing the person who inspired her not follow his own words of inspiration and goals so in a way maybe it made me seem like a liar and / or failure et cetera and maybe somehow this impacted her life too.

I think that I heard her say her name, I can not remember her first name (maybe it started with a T or S, but I can not remember), but her assumed last name sounded like maybe De Santos (Day San-Tows).

I went to talk to her either after or before I saw her possibly trying to plant a bomb and / or false evidence and / or something against me like she was trying to set me up and / or punish me and / or kill me and / or something else, I can not remember what was said between us or where she went, and my memory of what happened next is even more unclear and confused.

I possibly went to investigate the area where I assumed that she had planted something in maybe the back of a truck in the camper (trailer bed), it was a strange indoor / outdoor area almost like a cave with grass and dirt combined with indoor-like areas, and I saw some animated characters from the anime television show franchise Naruto including a fictional large One Piece-like character who was a man with several followers and Sakura Haruno.

I am not sure if Sakura was already unconscious or dead or whatever but I remember her laying on the ground not moving, the animated large man put her on back of the truck, and he put some kind of special liquid on her wounds (he possibly made these wounds himself with a knife as part of some kind of procedure / ritual, but I am not sure).

Some words of doubt, concern, et cetera were said by the large man and some of his followers about what he was about to do like Sakura’s life was at stake and if she died then some others may try to avenge her or something.

The man started to cut open maybe Sakura’s face and parts of her body, maybe inside her body was a large wooden box, he opened the box to reveal another Sakura (who was really maybe the same Sakura but now a new body) inside the box laying next to a Sasuke Uchiha who had somehow grown inside her body or something, and he took both of their unconscious bodies out of the box to continue whatever he was doing.

I looked inside the box to see objects from my past, that were possibly planted by the woman from earlier, and some of these objects included: mailing labels, tickets, papers from my past with my name and writing et cetera, and various other things from my past and some things associated with me but that were not mine that made me wonder if she had somehow stolen some of my stuff over the years and / or from back then and had possibly been mailing people things and pretending to be me or something as possibly part of a plan to set me up or punish me or because she was obsessed with me or something.

It was interesting seeing these old objects from my past, I tried to look for things that I recognized while trying to remember the memories associated with them, but I also wondered what this all meant and what was going on.

The second Sakura and Sasuke or just the second Sakura possibly woke up as the man was trying to wake them up or whatever, but I am not sure.

That is all that I can remember of this dream even though I know that there was much more.

The end,

-John Jr