Naruto The Self-Made Hypocrite

What Is It?

Today PlagueOfGripes had a pretty good and funny video (with some foul language though) about the Naruto franchise called Naruto The Self-Made Hypocrite:

Naruto, the Self-Made Hypocrite

Here is the description for this video:

This keeps me alive:

You’d better download these f#####’ anime videos before Nippon shows up.

My Thoughts

This video mentions some of the critiques that my brother GC and I also have about the Naruto franchise and Naruto Uzumaki.

We both think that Rock Lee would have been a better main character, and we feel that the television shows (Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden) did him wrong and made him into a joke.

Rock Lee VS Gaara…. ITs Been a While

The end,

  • John Jr

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I have never watched Naruto because of the episode count. Some reviews I have read have also warned me that there is a lot of filler in that show. I have however heard the name Rock Lee before. He used to do well in anime character popularity polls so you may be onto something with the remark that he should be the main character.

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Hello The Otaku Judge,

Naruto (which is season one) was so long that Toonami did not bother to finish it and jumped to Naruto: Shippuden instead, Naruto: Shippuden was so long that last week Toonami started showing Boruto: Naruto Next Generations even though they are not finish showing Naruto: Shippuden, and so this will spoil some things from Naruto: Shippuden; but Toonami does not care.

Because of this I never got to see all of Naruto and I am still watching Naruto: Shippuden.

The Naruto franchise has way too many episodes and way too many flashbacks and too much filler, it is crazy how some shows like this get almost endless episodes, while some shows barely get any; but somehow shows like this seem to have unlimited funds or something.

There needs to be an abridged version of this franchise or something.

Thank you for sharing that, I was impressed with Rock Lee and used to like his character when they first showed him and because of his fight with Gaara until they made him into a joke, and because he is not a balanced character as far as fighting style.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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ShawarmaHead Here. You’re in luck John Jr. If you are interested in an abridged series for Naruto. There IS one. HIGHLY inappropriate references and almost 9 years old but it does exist on youtube if you haven’t already seen it.


I just wanted to say that I enjoyed Rock Lee’s character as well and was bothered by the waste of his potential.

But the fact that his character arc was a great waste of potential is just one of many symptoms of a more root problem with the writing as a whole.

ALL aspects of the show (characters, world, and plot) suffered in order to heighten Naruto’s importance as a character. But that’s an aspect of the shonen genre as a whole.

I do wish that the PlagueOfGripes discussed this while recognizing WHERE these problems came from instead of discussing the problems with Naruto in isolation.

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Hello Sharwarmaheadstudios,

Wow, thank you, I watched all 9 videos in the playlist after reading your comment. 😀

As you know I agree with you about Rock Lee, I also agree with you about Naruto Uzumaki, and thank you for also sharing your opinion about this being a flaw in the Shōnen genre; you might want to ask PlagueOfGripes to make a video about that, I would be interested to see that. 😉

I noticed that when I clicked your name to view your blog / website it linked to an address that no longer exists and your Gravatar Profile / Profile has no link to your active blog / website, and so I would recommend updating your Account Settings ( to make sure that your Primary Site and Web Address are set to the correct address ( ?) and I would recommend updating your Gravatar Profile ( ) / Profile ( and add your Profile Link(s) / Website(s) / Verified Service(s) there so that people can find them when from your Profile as well.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr


Hello again John Jr

I’m glad you liked the abridged series! Again completely vulgar its almost cringe-worthy but the jokes make the landing nonetheless.

I really appreciate the recommendations you gave adjusting my site address and the gravatar profile. I thought I was on top of the settings but I did not realize these were options. I’ve made the correct adjustments (I hope…)

Thank you kindly

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Hello Sharwarmaheadstudios,

Yeah, and it is unfortunate that they were not able to finish abridging the entire series and beyond.

You are welcome, you may be surprised how many of our fellow bloggers do not know this, has not done a good enough job letting people know about these settings and how important they can be.

From the things that I can see you did correct the address that open when someone clicks your name, you did add your active address to your Gravatar / Profile and you even added your YouTube channel there as a Verified Service (I watched and liked your two videos by the way 😉 ), and so well done and thank you; now people can easily find those when clicking your name and when visiting your profile, which can help you get more views et cetera, and if you notice other people with this problem please do alert them to it so they can fixed theirs as well. 🙂

Thank you for replying,
-John Jr

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I saw your comment on YouTube I really appreciate you letting me know. I will definitely pay it forward with anyone else I come in contact with. I found that the options offered by Word Press while helpful for me were less than I anticipated in terms of support. I will stick around for now but I might consider exporting the content and reconstructing the blog on my own platform. I just don’t have time to code so I am using this for now.

Unfortunately they didn’t finish, however LittleKuriboh (voice actor for Abridged Naruto) has done a few other projects with other people who have also made an abridged series.
Two other abridged series (if you haven’t seen them) that I found entertaining were ‘CodeMENT’ (Code Geass Abridged) & None Piece (One Piece Abridged). You do not have to watch the original to get the jokes at all either.

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Hello Sharwarmaheadstudios,

You are welcome, and thank you.

I see that the Contact page ( seems to now only have a form that will post your issue at the Forums (, well I have a free account so maybe that is why, maybe people with paid accounts will have options to contact support directly; I wonder if their support email address ( still works.

Do not forget about the Support Page (, Learn ( the Blogging University courses ( and ebooks (, and this playlist by the Automattic YouTube channel:

I have not seen those before so thank you, I have added those playlists so that I can watch them later; I did once see an abridged series for Baccano! (which was removed for copyright reasons) and Future Diary:

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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Hello John Jr. I am so sorry for replying late. Exams just finished up on my end. I am going to fish through all the links that you just sent me (FINALLY HAVE TIME) and check out the abridged series you mentioned.
‘Baccano? Really? Oh I hope they reuploaded it. I would love to see an abridged for Baccano. Sometimes they reupload them regardless. I see two by different creators (Jello apocalypse and Did you know anime) is it one of these guys?

Thanks again. I really appreciate the effort you have made in making sure my experience at word press is a good one. You are a very considerate person and hope I can return the favor sometime.

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Hello Sharwarmaheadstudios,

Welcome back, no problem, and congratulations on finishing your exams; and I hope that you passed your exams. 🙂

Cool, take your time, I actually tested the email address last week or so and they responded to my bug report so that email address is still active fortunately for getting help fortunately and to my surprise.

It was JelloApocalypse I think, unfortunately here is a comment they made about it:

“Sony removed it for copyright infringement. I guess they own the soundtrack separately from the show, so even through parodying the show falls under “Fair Use”, using the soundtrack does not.”

Fortunately according to someone one Wikia (!_Abridged_(JelloApocalypse_Fan_Series)) someone uploaded the episodes to Mega:!3U900DTA!lMS040jMkRbIcARJb7DyUA!rcVnmQgI

You are welcome, I like to be helpful, thank you very much. 🙂

-John Jr


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