College + Computer Help + Moment Defending Her Girlfriend + A Bonding Ritual = ?

Dream 1

Part of the forgotten early parts of this dream possibly took place in another city at a maybe hotel-like place that was connected to maybe a college / shopping center-like multi-story building, I probably spent the night, and I probably explored the city but I can not remember.

The next part of the dream involved me being in college and a family and friends day was going on where we could bring family and friends some of our classes, and so I brought my parents to one of my classes.


Pauline Croze -Tu Es Partout

Source: YouTube

Today to my surprise, Pauline Croze uploaded a music video to her YouTube channel Pauline Croze for her album Ne Rien Faire called Pauline Croze -Tu Es Partout.

Music Video

The diversity on that beach, and the beginning and the ending though (clearly some symbolism going on in this video)?

Either way, it is interesting to see Pauline Croze have a music video again and one in this format, and one where she is only briefly featured in the video.


Live Performance

The end,

-John Jr