College + Computer Help + Moment Defending Her Girlfriend + A Bonding Ritual = ?

Dream 1

Part of the forgotten early parts of this dream possibly took place in another city at a maybe hotel-like place that was connected to maybe a college / shopping center-like multi-story building, I probably spent the night, and I probably explored the city but I can not remember.

The next part of the dream involved me being in college and a family and friends day was going on where we could bring family and friends some of our classes, and so I brought my parents to one of my classes.

The professor was not there I think so maybe a female upperclassman (college senior) with light-medium color skin with curly medium-to-long medium-to-dark color hair was doing a class presentation for this special day, she was not well prepared, so she fumbled around a bit with an old record player and movie player and projector et cetera.

Oddly there was a couch in the middle front of the classroom that I was sitting on instead of a desk like everyone else, and at some point after trying to play some music on the record player the female senior realized that she did not have all the equipment that she needed so she asked for donations so I donated $1.

After continuing her presentation there was another problem, she asked for another donation, and I gave another $1 so she thanked me and nicknamed me Money Man or something like that jokingly.

She then started a video presentation and she sat on the couch to my left taking up most of the couch, she then asked if there was any more room, and I told her not really and I gave myself even less space which was not comfortable as she continued to hog most of the space and relax on the couch literally leaning on me with either her feet or shoulder or elbow.

After this class I said goodbye to my parents I assume, my next class was a math class with a female college professor (this seemed very similar to a math class from a previous dream), and I really wanted to go to this class like I possibly had already missed too many days and / or I felt that it was important so I quickly left to reach this class which was on an upper floor.

Walking through the hallway on this floor felt like being underground, there were no windows and the ceiling was very tall and the hallway and the walls were huge, and I walked quickly among groups of other students until I reached an upper floor where my math class was.

When I approached a turn in the hallway I saw a thin tall somewhat older man with dark-color skin with short hair sitting in the opening of a storage-like room with an old white desktop computer with CRT monitor to his left on a narrow computer desk with an inflatable tent-like covering with no sides, and he was selling some things and maybe had some kind of basketball-like game that you could pay to play and maybe win prizes like at a fair or something.

I felt that the man would try to stop us to get us to buy something and / or pay to play the game, but I had no time to stop so I was ready to politely decline while still walking.

Unfortunately I accidentally knocked something over as I walked by, I apologized and I stopped to pick it up, and then the man used this to guilt / blackmail me into helping him with something.

I told him that I did not have time and that I needed to get to my math class but he continued to guilt / blackmail me somewhat jokingly, and so I stopped to at least see what he needed help with.

He told me that he was having computer problems with this old computer but he did not say what the problem was, he said that he had recently updated it to Windows 10, but that something was slow or something so he was trying to figure it out.

I saw that he had Regedit open and it was doing something because the icon in taskbar was showing a green progress indicator, I had not seen or used that in years and I said so, and I told him that it is not a good idea to mess with the registry if you do not know what you are doing.

I told him that often malware is a problem on most computers that I help people with, but there could be some other problems as well and so I started trying to decide what should I check and what programs should I use to save time and to still give the computer a thorough check.

I knew that checking for operating system and program updates was one thing to check, checking settings, checking installed programs, running some malware scans, checking the hardware specifications to see if the hardware was good enough to run Windows 10 properly, doing hardware diagnostic scans, et cetera but I did not have time for all of this.

For malware scanning I wanted to use Zemana AntiMalware (Free) (which is hidden at the bottom of their download page) but it has not been updated in over a year and is possibly going to be discontinued so I was not sure if I should install it or not, I wanted to do a full scan with Windows Defender but that would take too long, I considered Norton Power Eraser, HitmanPro (Trial) (but free removal for only 30 days which is not cool compared to their competition, which is a shame because their detection is really good and is one of the best), and Emsisoft Emergency Kit (I do not like how there is no context menu scan option, and that you have to manually update it); and so I tried to decide which combination to use.

I could feel time running out, I felt that I was already late but I wanted to at least come up with a strategy and start it, and so the pressure was building because working on computers like this can be time-consuming and I like to be more thorough but I needed to get to math class.

There were three different scenes going on in my mind and possibly in the dream world at the same time, one was me needing to get to math class, the other was me trying to help the man with his computer problem, and the third was in the left corner of my mind and possibly my left field of vision that involved Moment (Lost Truth) and her girlfriend in an interrogation room talking to a male detective.

Moment was standing behind her girlfriend who was sitting in a chair at a table across from the male detective, somehow Moment was allowed into the interrogation room, and it seemed that Moment’s girlfriend was brought in for questioning about a crime and was at risk of being arrested depending on how the interrogation went (I felt that he was just one of several detectives who would question her, and he seemed to be the good cop and / or was really trying to help them and he seemed to believe that Moment’s girlfriend had nothing to do with the crime).

Moment was defending her girlfriend like she really cared for her and like a lawyer so she was doing most of the talking, Moment’s girlfriend was being defensive and did not want to talk much, but the detective let them know that he was trying to help them and that she needed to answer the questions and that her answers would possibly determine if she is arrested or not.

My mind and attention and field of vision moved between these three scenes, I felt the loss of time and the pressure of missing more and more of my math class as I tried to juggle between these three things, but I woke up.

Dream 2

There was a lot more to this transitioning dream but I did not record it, and so now I can only remember some parts of it.

Part of the dream involved something involving my brother GC and maybe a college but I am not sure, and there was more to this part of the dream but I can not remember the rest of this part of the dream.

I do know that there were more parts to the dream before this part of the dream but this was a transiting dream with various parts and details, and these dreams can be hard to remember because they are like several dreams in one that keeping going and changing without me noticing usually.

In another part of the dream I a with some of my family in another city during the day taking my dad to a Kmart or Target store in a rundown area with an abandoned open front grocery store connected to it with a shared hallway, and my dad calls the store and walks in to talk to employee who invited him inside to finish their conversation in person.

My mom drives the rest of us through part of the entrance to the abandoned grocery store that was open oddly instead of being locked, there was some graffiti and boards and trash in a few areas like maybe it was sometimes used by people who are homeless et cetera, and then we drove through the shared hallway.

We somehow end up driving through a subway-like / parking garage-like area with several floors going up and down where people are sitting around, at some point we have to get out and use ladders et cetera to reach next area, we are trying to get back to pick up my dad or my dad is with us and we are just trying to get back outside.

But that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Not sure when this part of the dream happened (possibly before the previous part of the dream, but maybe afterward), but this part of the dream involved me and someone else somehow being unconscious (after maybe an accident or that was a false memory implanted into our minds and / or after being made unconscious by one or two women with light-color skin in a biker (motorcycle) club-like group (they seemed to be wearing sleeveless biker club-like jackets / vests and other biker-like clothing) who possibly injected us with something without us realizing).

One of the women in the biker club-like group with light-color skin performed a probably bonding ritual on my unconsciousness body to brainwash / mind control / magic me / whatever into being attracted to her / loving her / bonding us together forever because she liked me, and maybe another woman or someone did the same to the other person and they wanted to bond us to be part of their group as well.

My body was unconscious but somehow I sometimes saw bits and pieces of the ritual from a third person point of view and part of the ritual involved giving our unconscious bodies something (ritual ingredients and probably some kind of love potion and maybe some drugs to maybe keep us unconscious and to maybe weaken our defenses against and make us more susceptible to the ritual / mind control), saying incantations and performing ritual acts and mind control techniques with maybe candles et cetera, the cutting of at least one body part (I think that she cut my forehead to make it bleed), the exchange of blood / body fluid (I think that she drank some of my blood from the cut in my forehead (I can not remember if she took any of my other body fluids though), and gave some of her blood / probably her menstrual fluid to my unconscious body 🤢).

Me and the other person woke up at some point after the ritual and mind control stuff was done to our unconscious bodies, they welcomed us back and started asking us what we remembered of our alleged accident and after it, I started to tell the woman who had performed the ritual on my unconscious body what I remembered and she kept pressing for answers to make sure that I did not have memory of the ritual, and to see if the ritual worked it seemed.

I probably could not really remember the parts of the ritual that I somewhat saw from a third person point of view, the ritual / the things given to me / being unconscious / et cetera probably were blocking the memories, and my mind was still trying to adjust as she kept questioning me after just waking up.

I started to feel connected to their group and to the woman and some other feelings, and as I described this the woman started to get happy and horny I guess like she could not contain it and she jumped in my lap and started kissing me and trying to take my clothes off as she still asked me some questions about my memory and feelings and how I felt about her now.

The other members of her group joked that we should get a room, it seemed that her ritual / the stuff that she gave me / et cetera was starting to work, but in the back of my mind I could somewhat sense that there was something there that I could not remember so I possibly still was somewhat resisting it in a way.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

4 replies on “College + Computer Help + Moment Defending Her Girlfriend + A Bonding Ritual = ?”

Haha, that’s pretty kool you had a dream about me and my girlfriend. Do you remember what either of us looked liked? In waking life she probably would get in trouble for running her mouth and I’d probably have to step in and diffuse the situation. It’s not something that’s ever happened, but something we’ve talked about. That’s also pretty wild you were watching/a part of 3 different scenes at one time. That would be really confusing.

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Hello Moment,

Yeah, great question, but now I feel so stupid that I did not bother to record what y’all looked like in the dream so now I have to try to remember.

Y’all were at a distance in the corner of my field of vision and / or mind so I did not get a very clear up close look, but you both had light-color skin and you possibly had yellow straight hair but I can not remember the length (maybe somewhat longer, but I can not remember).

I think that your girlfriend had either dark-medium or dark-color hair that was at least somewhat straight and at least somewhat neck level, she possibly had a somewhat grunge-like(?) / counter-culture-like(?) style and attitude that was a bit like a rebellious teenager being interrogated by a parent and is looking bored and annoyed and uncooperative in a more silent way et cetera, she possibly had some tattoos on one or both arms or maybe that was just her clothing, and if I had to think up some possibly similar people somewhat in personality and style in that situation maybe she slightly reminded me of a longer haired version of Jessica Chastain’s character Annabel from the movie Mama (2013) and / or a grungier Jessica Jones (played by Krysten Ritter) from the television show Jessica Jones but I can not remember now since I did not record those details unfortunately.

😀 Interesting, thank you for sharing that, hopefully it is not something that will ever happen. 😉

I did a terrible job describing that, it was really just me physically being there trying to help the man with his computer while also thinking about how I need to get to class while also seeing physically and / or in my mind the situation with you and your girlfriend from the corner of my field of vision and / or my mind.

Thank you for commenting 🙂 ,
-John Jr


Interesting. We do both have light color skin and my hair is yellowish and straight, but cut short. My girlfriend’s hair is a darker color, so you were right about that. I checked out those 2 characters you mentioned out of curiosity. She thought she looked a bit like Jessica Chastain’s character Annabel, but I don’t see it, aside from the dimple in her chin. It’s so funny to me when we dream about people we never met and what our mind decides they look like.

Thanks for answering the question!

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Hello Moment,

Cool, thank you for sharing that. 😀

It is funny, strange, and interesting.

This brings up several questions that even I wonder:

How did I know that she was supposed to be your girlfriend?

I am also curious how and why my mind made up that version of your girlfriend even though I have no idea what she really looks like or acts like. 😀

Thank you for responding,
-John Jr

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