An Alien Delivery Service

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I had more dreams but I only saved part of my last dream.

I am not sure if this happened during the forgotten beginning parts of this dream or if this is just something that I saw as a flashback of the main character of this dream when he was arguing with his girlfriend at the end, either way, I will put it at the beginning.

There was a thin somewhat nerdy Michael Cera-like man with light-color skin with short hair who had an attractive well-dressed possibly high maintenance model-like Megan Fox-like girlfriend with light-color skin with long hair.

Either the main character thought this or this actually happened where his girlfriend wanted to stay in a nicer place and wanted nicer things and wanted him to make more money, and she possibly told him to call a guy who might have a job so he did.

I was possibly in this dream but also not in this dream in a way, it was possibly like I was there but maybe no one seemed to see or hear me or they just did not acknowledge my existence, but I am not sure.

The main character called the man using his mobile phone, the man sounded like a politician-like man, and the man told him to meet him at a certain building and he had special instructions for where to go once inside the building.

The main character left with a muscular male friend of his who possibly had a tan or just had darker light-color skin than the main character, and they drove to a parking lot during maybe a gray day or mid-to-late afternoon that looked like the area outside of the AutoZone in the city of D which is in a small shopping center connected to other buildings.

They went inside the building, I am not sure what the inside looked like but they saw and heard no one inside, but I remember the main character leading the way following the man’s instructions as his friend told him how something did not seem right and asked him if he was sure about this.

This setup seemed shady to me as well and maybe I said so but neither of them seemed to see or hear me as far as I can remember even though I was walking between them, the main character led the way, and me and his friend moved more cautiously with the friend staying the furthest back.

At some point we reached a dark closet that looked like my mom’s closet but longer, there was clothing and other stuff in there so we had to move around and under it, and his friend really wanted to leave at this point and to me it seemed more like we were being led into a trap or to a hidden area.

The friend asked the main character if he was sure that this was the right place, he said yes, and then two large thick hidden dark-color double-doors opened to a nice house-like room with a politician-like / rich frat boy-like / somewhat weird technology company business-like man with light-color skin wearing dress clothes (no jacket) welcoming them inside while maybe holding a glass cup of maybe an alcoholic drink (he reminded me of a combination of the character David Ryker (played by William Baldwin) from the television show The Purge combined with maybe the character Eron Keen (played by Harrison Gilbertson) from the movie Upgrade (2018) and / or Mark Zuckerberg).

The man greeted them and maybe offered them a drink and invited them to sit down, he recognized the man’s friend as maybe a former college athlete or something, and so he focused his conversation on the man’s friend while being friendly / cool / weird while the main character and I watched and listened.

The main character eventually wanted to get straight to business, and so the man started to tell the main character what he wanted.

In the room was a fancy futuristic sports-like vehicle, the man mentioned that he owns a technology (tech) company, and the man tells the main character that he wants him to deliver a package.

We assume that the package is illegal drugs or something, and the main character asks him what the package is because he (like the rest of us) does not seem to want to be involved with something illegal like that.

The man walked us to either another room or to the back of the room to show us, he opened a hidden panel in the wall, and opened something to reveal a large cut (not complete) non-human alien-looking tongue that looks maybe tentacle-like on the bottom of it.

He explains that this is a tongue from a dead alien, he intercepted some police communications in The United States in some country / rural-like state and town in like maybe Kentucky or somewhere like that of some police saying a code phrase, I can not remember what the code phrase was but it was a message that meant that they had found a dead alien at some kind of crash site or accident site or something and that they had cleaned up the scene and the message was meant for maybe a secret government / whoever team to come recover the alien body and finish covering up the scene.

He was surprised that even a small police force was involved in helping cover-up alien situations, the police did not seem to know much about this though, and it seemed that their orders were to just clean up what they could and send out the code phrase and let whoever gave them the orders handle the rest of the cover-up et cetera.

The man said that he tries to intercept these communications so that he can recover the alien bodies and even live aliens et cetera first, and then maybe sell them to the highest bidder.

He then showed us the package to be delivered this time, it was possibly a living alien and he showed us a few others living and dead aliens that he had in special metal drawers (like at a morgue or something), and they all had special thick black metal restraints on their hands and feet and maybe head / mouth et cetera to stop them from escaping or using their powers or making sounds or moving and maybe they had special equipment to help keep them alive and handle their waste (if there was any) and to help preserve the dead ones.

There were special black body-like bags to transport them in, the main character did not really want to get involved but he felt that he had no choice now that he was shown all of this and he needed the money and his girlfriend was the one who told him to call this man, and so he agreed to deliver the package (alien) this time at least.

The man told him that there was a vehicle outside for him to use and maybe he would send him the delivery instructions / location / et cetera, and so he carried the package (alien in the special black body-like bag) outside to the vehicle and I followed him but his friend stayed behind in the empty part of the building because he was trying to decide if he should help or not (he did not want to, but he was still struggling to decide anyway).

Outside in a somewhat futuristic vehicle was the main character’s girlfriend in the front passenger’s seat, this vehicle was a convertible where even the walls and the entire ceiling would retract inside leaving just the floor (which was square-shaped) and tires and seats and steering wheel et cetera, which looked crazy and cool when he let it down.

The seats felt like memory foam and were very comfortable, the main character put the package inside, and him and his girlfriend started to argue because he blamed her for all of this because now he felt trapped and forced to do this.

His girlfriend said that she did not tell him that he had to accept the job, and she claimed that she was okay living a somewhat simple life which contradicts what he thought and possibly what I saw in a flashback.

The main character told her that he did this for her and thought that this is what she wanted, and reminded her about her complaints about him needing to make more money and how she wanted to live somewhere nicer and how she often wants to buy things et cetera.

They argue back and forth as they wait on his friend to make up his mind, I sat in the back seat listening and possibly seeing flashbacks from maybe his point-of-view of some of their past interactions, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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