Les Petroleuses (Feat. Camille) – Nicole (Late Night Tales: Nouvelle Vague)

Today’s song is the song Nicole by Les Petroleuses / Les Pétroleuses (Marc Collin) and Camille from the 2007 DJ mix album Late Night Tales: Nouvelle Vague by Nouvelle Vague:

Les Petroleuses (Feat. Camille) – Nicole (Late Night Tales: Nouvelle Vague)

I probably found this song years ago back in maybe 2007 – 2009 probably when I was looking for more music by and similar to several French musicians that I was listening to at the time.

I like how this song sets a certain mood, and can bring back certain memories.

This song usually reminds me of several things when I listen to it:

A positive memory from my childhood that took place during the evening and / or night where I went to my grandparents house (my grandfather CE and my grandmother DE) and my male cousins ME and DE were there, and we probably played around with the piano in the family room at some point and maybe music was being played in the background by some family members before I walked back home probably daydreaming / thinking about this and other things.

Another memory from my childhood where me and my mom drove to the city of L to visit my uncle ME when he was in college at ULL and he was living in a small one-story apartment house with a male roommate along a quiet street that was possibly not too far from the college campus, maybe we were talking and listening to music on the radio before and / or after we drove to visit my uncle ME, and during part of this I was also daydreaming / thinking.

My online female contact in Germany NF and some of our online conversations back then.

Various memories and feelings et cetera from the time period when I found this song and before and maybe after.

The end,

-John Jr

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