Zombies In A Zoo | Cockroaches In My Food

I sure have been having some weird dreams this month, which is even more interesting since Halloween in this month.

I had more dreams, but I ended up losing them.

Dream 1

This dream was possibly inspired by an episode of Z Nation (Season 2) that I watched yesterday.

In this dream I was walking outside during the day when I saw and I talked with my coworker Mr. CF who told me that he runs a zoo part-time nearby in maybe a fictional area past a fictional W Park-like park and near one of the schools in a fictional version of the city of D, and so I went there later in the dream.

Mr. CF was gone to lunch or something so the zoo was currently closed until he got back, but our coworker Mrs. M was still there sitting outside at a table maybe eating or something so I stopped to talk with her.

At some point Mr. CF returns and opens the zoo back up, and I walk through one part of the zoo that has a zombie obstacle course.

Mr. CF had recently captured a male zombie captain (maybe a sea captain who became a zombie), and he released it into the zombie obstacle course.

At some point the zombie captain made a loud noise like it was trying to summon the other zombies, probably his former crew members, from an underground area in the obstacle course where Mr. CF had them locked up.

There were some heavy metal double doors on the ground that seemed to lead to an underground bunker or cell where Mr. CF stored the zombies, and I saw the doors moving as the zombies tried to burst them open to respond to the zombie captain’s call.

I think that I saw the zombie captain smile and look back at us like he was smarter than normal zombies and probably had the power to control some other zombies, and so I feared that the other zombies would possible break free from underground and would possibly try to break through the fenced / caged in zombie obstacle course and then attack the rest of the zoo (which was probably just a normal zoo, except for the small zombie area).

I probably turned to mention this to Mr. CF and ask him why he even had a zombie area, this seemed dangerous and maybe somewhat inhumane, but I woke up.

Dream 2

Part of this dream took place during the day and had something to do with me visiting a former female teacher of mine who was somewhat older and short and overweight with light-color skin with short medium-to-dark color hair.

I had visited this former of teacher of mine several times over the years, maybe I was just thinking about this, but I possibly visited her once in the dream but I am not sure.

During another part of the dream someone I knew opened a food stand or something inside the entrance of a building that looked a lot like The D High School, and so I went to buy some food there.

I bought several items and I started to eat them while standing up looking at something along the wall, at some point when I opened one of the containers I saw a small strange cockroach (roach), and then I noticed a large one.

I had never seen roaches like this before, I was disgusted and I was not sure if they were alive or not, and so I grabbed a spray bottle of bleach water and I sprayed them and I closed the container.

I opened the container again and they seemed to be dead, but I probably smashed them to make sure.

I had already eaten at least half of my food or more until I noticed the roaches, much too late which disgusted me even more, and so I threw away the rest of the food and wanted to clean out my mouth and body somehow wondering if I had eaten some roaches and / or if they had touched the food that I did eat.

The next part of the dream involved someone I knew who had started a class in the past, but now this class had evolved into an entire course or something where you could get a certification or diploma or degree or something so I signed up for it.

But I got awakened by a fire / smoke alarm because someone was cooking cake in the stove and the bottom of one cake got over-cooked, and so this messed up my memory of my dreams but I still was able to remember enough to make this post.

The end,

-John Jr

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