Introducing Twenty Nineteen

Today there was a post on’s Make WordPress Core Blog called Introducing Twenty Nineteen that introduced some information about the upcoming default WordPress theme Twenty Nineteen that will possibly be released late November 2018 unless it gets held back to be worked on some more:

Allan Cole will be the lead designer of the Twenty Nineteen theme, and someone named Kjellr will provide support for the theme as design coach(?) (I guess that will make that person Coach Kjellr then).

I am disappointed that no default theme was made for 2018 and I am disappointed that the Twenty Seventeen theme never got all the customizer options, like the option to show images for posts on the home page even when using the excerpt option, and so that is why I was not able to use the Twenty Seventeen theme all this extended time since there was no Twenty Eighteen theme released; hopefully the Twenty Nineteen theme will not make this same mistake.

I am also disappointed that came out with the least amount of free themes ever during this time, leaving us with almost no options, especially for people like me; I have been forced to jump back and forth between the same few newer free themes for over a year maybe because of this, and so hopefully this trend does not continue.

I am also disappointed that many themes still lack what I need in a theme (which is pretty simple really), often still have some accessibility issues (with color options, header areas where images and the blog title and blog tagline clash because they are on the same line, et cetera), some bugs in the customizer when previewing themes and widget bugs in various themes et cetera, have certain annoyances like upscaling post images on the home page making them look pixelated  and other annoyances, and so I hope to see these things improve as well.

I am glad that a default WordPress them for 2019 will be made, and I hope that I will be able to use the Twenty Nineteen theme when it comes out.

So good luck to the team working on it (including Coach Kjellr), and thank you.

-John Jr

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