Mother (Father) Superior John Jr Meets God Emperor Leto Atreides II

I had a variety of short dreams that I woke up remembering only to go back to sleep without recording them, and so now I can only remember part of several dreams after those dreams.

Dream 1

This dream involved me being in a slightly fictional version of the neighborhood that my parents live in during the day where the field behind our yard was slightly different, and the street that The Action Packed House is was different and they had some different dogs including a medium-to-large tan short-medium or long-short haired dog.

Me and my parents left to another city and we stayed at a hotel during our stay, I am not sure what we did in this other city, but during our time in the city we saw a dog that looked like one of the fictional dogs from The Action Packed House but we thought nothing of it because there was almost no way that it had reached another city.

The next day or whenever we left the city and returned back to the city of D, somehow my parents went home ahead of me after arriving back in the city of D, and at some point I walked the rest of the way home.

When I reached the field a thin man with dark-color skin wearing a do-rag and / or hat from The Action Packed House walked over to me asking me if I had seen one of their dogs, I said no, and he walked away; and then I remembered the dog we saw in the other city, and I started to wonder if it was possible that was the dog that he was looking for.

But I woke up before or after I went inside the house to tell my parents, and decide if I should tell the man about the dog we saw in the other city.

Dream 2

This dream took place during a gray day or morning, I was in my parents yard near the automobiles when I saw my dad outside the main gate maybe raking leaves, and then I saw our neighbor Mr. RD walking out of his house wearing only a towel and he looked more overweight and different than in real life.

He left his door open and then we heard the sounds of two dogs fighting from inside the house, Mr. RD turned around and went back inside to see what was going on and I heard him cursing and yelling for the dogs to stop fighting I assumed, and then he ran out the house to our fence like he was afraid still only wearing a towel and he was speechless and not able to talk.

Me and my dad ran inside his house to stop the assumed dog fight, two dogs were fighting so I told my dad to pick one of them up, and I picked up the other dog.

While holding them in the air waiting for Mr. RD to walk back inside the house, several children with light-color skin walked toward us from further inside the house, and younger child versions of my brother CC and my brother TDC walked inside the house.

I asked the children where we should put the dogs, some of them led my dad to one area, and the oldest child who was a girl led me to another area or I handed the dog to Mr. RD who went to put the dog away.

They thanked me and I started to leave with my brothers and my dad while still talking to the oldest girl, but then I noticed the young version of my brother TDC trying to steal a red Ring Pop so I stopped him and I told him to wash it off in a sink that was near us on our right side along the wall and give it back.

TDC was not happy about this and he purposely dropped the Ring Pop several times, I had to keep making him pick it up and then wash it, and eventually I possibly had to wash it and give it back and apologize to the girl while lecturing my brother TDC but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream took place during the day and there was a BB-like grocery store that had maybe a stand set up outside with a window or something, my voice recording of this dream was too short and unclear, and I was there but that is all that I can remember or understand of my voice recording of this dream.

Dream 4

I was probably in the process of starting to wake up when I had this dream so it was possibly a dream that faded into a semi-dream / semi-daydream until I completely woke up so I barely remember it and it is very unclear.

I was possibly at a party or somewhere else when I was approached by a woman who wanted to have sex, I think that the woman had light-color skin, and even with some of my usual cautiousness et cetera somehow we ended up having sex in a room maybe standing up mostly.

One part that I remember is us having sex in maybe a standing or partially standing partial doggy style position, my penis was a bit longer than the woman had expected so the woman had me slow down and adjust my angles which worked nicely, and I remember following her lead and asking for direction continuing to make adjustments to increase pleasure and comfort until she had an orgasm.

She had me stop during her orgasm, then she was satisfied and was done and had got what she wanted to my surprise, I thought that we were going to continue but she was ready to stop at one orgasm to my surprise and she also did not care if I had an orgasm to my surprise.

I thought that she was joking at first so I asked her, she was not joking to my surprise, and then she got in bed to go to sleep and did not even want to cuddle or anything and she wanted the bed to herself so I had to leave.

But I woke up.

Dream 5

This dream took place during the day and I lived with my family in a fictional neighborhood that ended on maybe a cliff, and I was driving back home in my automobile when my brakes stopped working which sent me speeding through the neighborhood possibly back toward the houses near the cliff.

I had to dodge things until I used my emergency brake to slow down and stop and turn around away from the cliff, I possibly parked my automobile and then I walked through the yards toward the cliff to possibly see if I caused any damage in the yards of the people who lived there, and a few picket fence / deck flooring pieces that were lined up on the ground that you had to walk over had gotten knocked partly out-of-order.

On my way back to fix this the dream got interrupted with another dream scene where it was like I was transported underground into a television show that took place in ancient Greece or ancient Rome, I was possibly a character in the show who was a man with light-color skin wearing some nice clothing from that time period like a noble / senator / et cetera, and there was some talk with some other characters in a dimly lit nice underground building.

This TV show possibly involved time travel too or something but I am not sure, at some point my character walked out of the meeting, and maybe was transported to a different time period and / or I was transported back above to the other dream scene.

I then straighten the slight mess that my vehicle had made, and then I continued walking trying to decide if I needed to tell the owners before I left but I woke up.

Dream 6

This was possibly a semi-dream / semi-daydream that was inspired by me trying to respond to a question before going to sleep that was about which book would I choose to have if I was stranded somewhere, I could not think of one because I have not read enough books, and so I chose the first book that I have read that stood out in my mind at the moment which was the book God Emperor Of Dune or the entire Dune book series.

This dream / possible semi-daydream involved a what if situation involving the book God Emperor Of Dune, and the what if situation involved a what if I was the Mother (Father) Superior of The Bene Gesserit during part of God Emperor Leto Atreides II’s several thousand-year reign over the known universe.

I was possibly a near or partial or failed Kwisatz Haderach with at least near or partial prescience who somehow was allowed to train or was illegally trained in the ways of The Bene Gesserit, was not killed by The Bene Gesserit because I proved to be loyal to them among other reasons, was allowed to undergo The Spice Agony (where you are given the poisonous Water Of Life) and I survived and I became a Reverend Mother (Father), and then I went on to somehow become the first man to become the Mother (Father) Superior of The Bene Gesserit.

Most of The Bene Gesserit thought negatively of God Emperor Leto Atreides II who they often called The Tyrant, and there were rumors about him being unstable with fits of violence and they did not believe or know what his real plans were for the universe so they felt that he should be stopped (killed if possible, so far no one had figured out how to kill him or if it was even possible, and he had survived all assassination attempts so far) and that we should start strongly resisting his rule et cetera.

Many Bene Gesserit still did not like having me, a man as the Mother (Father) Superior and as a Reverend Mother (Father) and as a member of The Sisterhood (The Bene Gesserit) who was possibly a near / partial / failed / or actual Kwisatz Haderach (who they normally would kill to avoid another Paul Atreides), and so many of my fellow sisters wanted to assassinate me and were probably waiting for a good opportunity to assassinate me but I suspected this and I was pretty cautious and I was good with my security and I was doing a good job as the Mother (Father) Superior so I did not give them a good enough opportunity to assassinate me yet.

I suggested that we talk to God Emperor Leto Atreides II in person to learn of his plans and to confirm if the rumors were true or not and to decide if we should continue with their plans to try to stop him and resist his rule, and I volunteered to go meet him myself because I really wanted to hear his side of things and I could use my unique skills to help me test and examine him and his plans.

I felt that this was the only way to prevent The Bene Gesserit from going to war with him and probably getting us all killed because I doubted that even we could defeat God Emperor Leto Atreides II and his all female Fish Speaker army who had already conquered the known universe, I also felt that they would let me go because many of my fellow sisters hoped that he would kill me in one of his alleged fits of violence, and to many of them I was expendable and they wanted to get rid of me anyway so they had nothing to lose by allowing me to go.

I also knew that I was risking being overthrown and / or killed by my fellow sisters if I left on this mission because I would be exposed more than usual because my defenses would not be as good during space travel on a starship and outside our home world, but I felt that the survival of The Bene Gesserit and humanity was at stake so it was worth the risk.

They accepted my idea and they allowed me to set up a meeting with God Emperor Leto Atreides II at his Citadel, I did, and I traveled to his Citadel on the planet Arrakis by starship with my most trusted Bene Gesserit bodyguards.

We were greeted at his Citadel by his all female Fish Speaker guards and searched for weapons et cetera before being allowed to enter the throne room / whatever where God Emperor Leto Atreides II was, and my bodyguards probably had to stay behind near the starship while I entered the throne room alone.

God Emperor Leto Atreides II did indeed look mostly like a sandworm / barely human hybrid, I stood there cautiously on alert and ready to dodge or fight while carefully examining and testing him from a distance, and we talked back and forth as I tried to test him et cetera.

I mentioned some of the rumors, some of our concerns, my reasons for coming here, I asked him questions including what he knew about me, I shared information about myself et cetera, and I continued testing him and learning as much as I could and I possibly even asked for permission for a closer view of his mostly sandworm body and I asked him about the various methods that have been used to try to kill him and about how durable was his body now.

For the worse case scenario I needed to learn as much as I could to help us defeat him if he failed my tests, I also wanted to know how much he knew about me and my intentions and about our plans and what I was doing now, and I wanted to see how much more powerful was his prescience and other abilities were compared to mine and how much more genetic memory (ancestral memory) did he have access to compared to me et cetera (I assumed that his abilities were way out of my league, and that my only chance would be to dodge and escape if attacked; and if his Fish Speakers attacked me and my bodyguards then we would lose if outnumbered by a large enough margin).

I wanted to give him a fair chance because I felt that he was controlling the known universe for a good reason, I let him know this, and then he told me about The Golden Path which explained everything and that he was trying to save humanity from itself among other things.

He also explained that some of my fellow sisters were planning to assassinate me, he explained that they were going to block all of my communications back to our home world of the results of my meeting with him because they wanted to proceed with their plan regardless of how our meeting went, that there were traitors even among my most trusted bodyguards who had already set a trap for my starship to be destroyed and they had already left Arrakis so that only me and my loyal bodyguards would be killed on our way back through space through a special explosion that would be magnified by our body shields when the explosion makes contact with them which would cause nuclear level explosions that are magnified even more by the reaction with each body shield, and if that plan failed then they would attack us on our way back through space through various ambush points.

I believed what he said about The Golden Path and what he said about the assassination plan seemed believable, I questioned him about the assassination plan and what I could do about it, and he said that even if I could somehow get a message back to our home world that some of The Sisterhood (The Bene Gesserit) would still not listen to me probably and would continue trying to kill me.

He made me an offer where he would let me stay at his Citadel in exchange for becoming part of his breeding program (The Bene Gesserit breeding program that he took over when he conquered the known universe), he said that some of my traits would be helpful in his breeding program, and he felt that me dying before then would be a waste and that I was too valuable to be allowed to die until then at least.

I now felt that helping protect The Golden Path was necessary for The Bene Gesserit’s survival and the survival of humanity so I agreed to his offer, unfortunately this would likely give The Bene Gesserit trying to kill me an immediate excuse to label me as a threat and a traitor and they would likely immediately replace me as Mother (Father) Superior and would likely hunt me down until they kill me, and I would have to work against their plans to stop God Emperor Leto Atreides II for their own survival and for humanity’s  survival.

I was not happy about this but it needed to be done, I left the throne room to tell my loyal bodyguards and give them a chance to leave if they wanted to, but only a few left and the rest decided to stay with me and join God Emperor Leto Atreides II  and to join his Fish Speaker army.

God Emperor Leto Atreides II predicted that The Bene Gesserit would likely send an envoy to meet with us about the situation, and that they would likely really be there to assassinate me quietly with hidden poison that would kill me after they have left the planet.

I am not sure if this was me running this possible scenario in my mind or if this really happened, either way, The Bene Gesserit sent an envoy like God Emperor Leto Atreides II had predicted.

At this point God Emperor Leto Atreides II already had what he needed from me for his breeding program, my loyal bodyguards were already training with the Fish Speakers, and I decided to ask him to allow the envoy to meet us in his throne room even though it was likely that I would be killed (maybe I partly hoped that his prediction was wrong, but I can not remember).

The envoy was an attractive Bene Gesserit with light-color skin with long red hair wearing nice light-color clothing, she was a Bene Gesserit that had been bonded with me through sexual imprinting and was one of the reasons why The Bene Gesserit had not killed me back when they learned about my abilities before allowing me to join them because they had her sexually imprint me, and so they knew that they could use her to: reduce the chances of me leaving them, increase my loyalty to them, to spy on me, to control or at least manipulate me, and to get me to lower my guard if they ever needed her to kill me one day.

As soon as I saw her I knew that God Emperor Leto Atreides II’s prediction was true, The Bene Gesserit were wise to send her to assassinate me because they knew that I needed her and would lower my guard because of the sexual imprinting, and even knowing all of this I still could not resist her and I was mesmerized by her.

I probably thanked God Emperor Leto Atreides II and I probably asked him to allow me to do this without stopping me and he did not like this but he agreed, if she was really here to kill me then I felt that it was better if it was her, and then I walked to her to greet her and I was under her spell.

She warmly greeted me, hugged me, kissed me, held my hand, and ran her hand over my face and hair and neck and arms probably lightly scratching me to make sure the poison entered my body.

I assumed that she had poison lipstick, poison on her hands and fingernails, and that maybe she had a hidden Gom Jabber on her that she possibly could stealthily stab me in the neck with when we hugged.

I was happy to see her and I told her so, she claimed that The Bene Gesserit wanted me back, and she wanted me to return with her.

I assumed that the poison was probably already given to me and that they assumed that I would refuse to return so she would probably leave and let the poison kill me or they would kill me if I went with them on the way back if I was somehow still alive or they would kill me after arriving once they got some information out of me about my time with God Emperor Leto Atreides II, and they would probably do the same to my loyal bodyguards who would likely go with me if I returned and if not they would still probably kill them to avoid them training and helping the Fish Speakers.

I hoped that this was not true though, but I woke up before I could find out.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.


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