Returning DVDs | Annoying Pop-Up Ads

Dream 1

This dream involved me returning some DVDs that my family had rented to one of two or three fictional video rental stores and The BP Library in the city of D.

The video rental store said that not all the DVDs were theirs, I thought that the video rental stores were from the same franchise, and so they would not take them; and most or none of them were for the library, and so I told my coworkers about this and they suggested that I try returning them to all of the other video rental stores so I did.

The next video rental store was the correct one so my coworkers advice worked, but I woke up because of maybe an alarm.

Dream 2

This dream possibly took place inside a nicer slightly fictional version of my parents house, and at the end of the dream I was inside a bedroom that looked like a slightly fictional larger version of my brothers KDC’s and TDC’s room (which used to be my room, and was possibly my room in the dream).

I was on a computer on the internet at a website when a younger version of one of my brothers wanted me to maybe download a video from a streaming video website, and so I went to the website but some pop-up ads popped up.

These were not your normal pop-up ads and they were the annoying grayware / malware / malvertising / adware / browser hijacking / scam / possibly phishing pop-up ads that lock up your browser, show fake alert boxes, open more pop-ups in new browser tabs and windows as you exit the old ones, show fake forms, playing sound even if your speakers are off by using your internal computer speaker, et cetera.

The pop-up ads were pornographic annoyingly, and as I was trying to exit out of the annoying pop-up ads while explaining how these normally work our mom knocked on the door and looking in to tell us something.

I had to restart the computer to avoid her hearing or seeing anything, I am not sure what she told us, and then she left.

While we waited for the computer to finish restarting I ranted about how the annoying  pop-up ads had gotten through my real-time defenses which are currently: Adguard DNS, Google Chrome’s built-in protection, Ublock Origin with slightly customized lists, and Windows Defender.

But I got awakened by an alarm.

The end,

-John Jr

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