Lt. Mark Hammond Gets Resurrected / Cured?

This dream involved me and the main characters from the television show Z Nation going to a yard and house that was very similar to The E House.

There we met some people, possibly some young people, who had somehow resurrected / cured the character Lt. Mark Hammond who used to be the leader of the main characters team.

Lt. Hammond seemed like his normal self except he probably had a bit of memory loss, but we did not have enough time to test for more side effects of the resurrection / cure process.

As we were trying to make sense of this, while possibly having to deal with zombies, I started to smell something that smelled like natural gas so I started warning the others and trying to investigate.

I checked the kitchen gas line and we looked around for any other sources of gas leaks, we even wondered if it was Lt. Hammond who smelled like that, but I woke up before we could figure this out.

The end,

-John Jr

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