Blessed: A Trip Through Belize

Blessed: A Trip Through Belize
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What is it?

The 2015 book Blessed: A Trip Through Belize by the author Moment Johnson.

What is it about?

This is how Goodreads describes this book:

Blessed tells the story of the author’s seven month journey through Belize.

A simple tale of islands and jungles.

Discovery and kindness.

Reflection and contemplation.

A mixture of the Belizean lifestyle, internal discoveries, profound insights, and poetic glances of nature.

Everything comes together in this story in perfect harmony.

With no real purpose or plan, Moment sets out to discover a different way of life.

Opportunities appear at every corner, and what may seem like a setback at first glance truly becomes a blessing in [disguise].

Her quest leads her to spending seven weeks in solitude on forty acres in the Belizean rainforest.

Step inside the author’s mind and experience a slice of Belizean paradise as she experienced it.

Final Thoughts

I probably finished reading this book two months ago, I wanted to do a more thorough post about this book because I felt that it deserved it, but recently I have stalled on most of my non-dream posts like this so now I am trying to just keep these posts shorter so that I can get myself back to finishing them again. 😀

I think that Moment did a good job making it feel like you were almost in her mind in a way, reading this book made me feel like a hidden passenger on her journey, one who also had access to some of her inner thoughts which made this book a more intimate experience.

During the times that I read this book it made me feel closer to Moment, like we had recently communicated online and / or like I had recently read one of her blog posts, and so even when she did not blog for a while it did not seem like it because I was still reading about her journey in this book so she did not feel absent during those times.

So well done Moment, and congratulations. 🙂

The end,

-John Jr

6 replies on “Blessed: A Trip Through Belize”

Thank you for the nice review John Jr. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I haven’t been doing much writing lately on my blog or independent books, but hopefully that will change soon. Life has been kind of hectic, good, but hectic.

Thanks again. Maybe it will encourage you to do a little adventuring of your own!

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You are welcome Moment. 🙂

Thank you for sharing that, I assumed that you were busy, and I am glad to hear that you are still doing good.

I did do something different recently, I went to my first adult non-family member party (it was a coworker’s Halloween party on Saturday), I guess that would count as a small adventure because I did travel to another city for it; surprisingly my anxiety levels were low, just some tension, I was more nervous when I left and yesterday at work. 😀

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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Great! That sounds fun. I’m glad you were able to do something out of the ordinary and hopefully also enjoyable. I’m glad you didn’t have too much anxiety while there either. Do you think you will hang out with some of these people socially again?

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Hello Moment,

Thanks, I had more anxiety in the days leading up to it and two days afterward than at the actual party, so that was surprising.

That is a good question, so far I have not been able to get any of my coworkers to even consider getting out for some exercise or sport, I assume that there will be a few more occasions where some of them may invite us to something; and I am thinking up my own ideas that might work to get at least one or more of them to meet up to do something one day.

We do not have a movie theater, rec center, et cetera in our city and I do not have my own house and none of them seem interested in physical activity so far so the options are limited; and most of them are married and have kids and other responsibilities. 😀

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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I get anxiety before an event or party as well. Especially when I have no idea of what to expect and if I feel like things will be out of my control. For example, if I’m going in someone’s else’s car so I can’t leave if I want or if I’ve flown somewhere on vacation with other people and can’t escape or get away on my own if I want.

That’s too bad none of your co-workers are into doing any kind of physical activity. What about playing video games, pool (billiards), darts or something? It is especially hard to hang out with people when they have kids. I find it gets harder as I get older and more and more people have kids. Maybe eventually when we get even older those people’s kids will be grown and it will no longer be an issue 🙂

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Hello Moment,

Thank you for sharing that, yep, I know what that is like.

As far as I know maybe only one of them has ever played a video game and probably none would be interested in that unfortunately, I do not know anyone or anywhere in our city that has a pool table or darts, our city is scarily boring / limited; thank you those are good ideas, and I thought of all but one of those already.

Yep, honestly I was thinking of things that even the children could do too.

-John Jr

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