Angry Joe (Joe Vargas) & Genealogical DNA Tests & A Sleepover At My Parents House

I got in bed too late, I still have a variety of dreams that I woke up remembering and that I almost recorded, but I did not record those dreams so now most of my dreams are now forgotten unfortunately except for barely part of my last dream.

Part of this dream involved genealogical DNA tests and looking at and comparing and talking about our ancestry results / ethnicity results / estimates, and Angry Joe (Joe Vargas) was there and I talked to him about his results and my results (you can click here to see my real genealogical DNA test results) et cetera.

We talked about some of our ancestors et cetera, maybe getting other family members to take genealogical DNA tests too, any family member matches that we might have had (people in the DNA database who were related to us closely, I think that I had one 5th cousin, and he had one 1st cousin in our matches), and I think that we both had taken the Family Tree DNA Family Finder (autosomal DNA test).

Angry Joe had some surprises in his ancestry / ethnicity results / estimates, but I can not remember what these surprises were exactly.

I am not sure where we were, but I think that I remember an area that looked like the DVD section at The BP Library but I could be wrong; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The next part of the dream took place at my parents house during the night I assume, all my family was there and my brothers CC and TDC and KDC and maybe my brother GC were younger again so they were still in public school and not even in high school (mostly elementary), and my new female coworker LF and a fictional young woman with her were there to spend the night for another night I assume (they had spent the night at least one night already from what I remember, and from what I saw in the bathroom).

I am not sure why or how LF and the fictional young woman (maybe a family member of hers) were spending the night at my parents house.

At some point in the dream I went to the bathroom to take a bath, I took my pants off and I was wearing boxers and a button shirt (dress shirt), and then I stopped to clean the bathroom counter that was larger than in real life.

My mom and LF and the young woman with LF were in the kitchen, and the younger versions of my brothers CC and TDC were in the living room trying to play a video game.

Before I could finish cleaning the bathroom counter my brother CC called me to the living room saying that the video game was not working, and so I walked in there to check it.

We got it working and I turned on the computer speakers that I have connected to the living room television because they did not have them on, and as I walked back to the bathroom my brother TDC was in the kitchen asking LF many questions but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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