My Coworker JB Has An Arm Injury?

I got in bed super late last night, I did not record most of my dreams and I got awakened suddenly from my last dream, I did not start typing these dreams until hours later, and so most of my dreams are forgotten now and my memory of the few dreams that I do remember part of is unclear.

Dream 1

There was a lot more to this dream, maybe something paranormal and / or supernatural along with something natural like a possible approaching natural disaster and / or something crime related and / or something else going on, but I can not remember what happened during most of this dream until this point of the dream.

It was late afternoon or early evening at the end of this dream, I was outside near a road, and then I walked inside a building into a medical clinic waiting room that was connected to a fictional version of The BP Library that looked completely different except for the front desk and the areas near it.

I sat in the waiting room among patients, some of the employees, and a male doctor with light-color skin with short brown hair wearing a white lab coat was in a room examining a patient.

One of the assumed medical clinic employees, maybe a nurse, was an attractive tall woman with light-color skin with somewhat curly brown hair wearing some kind of sexy nurse-like outfit that showed a lot of leg.

After the doctor finished examining the patient he and / or another doctor who looked similar to him who was off-duty took a break in the waiting room to talk / flirt with the assumed nurse, supposedly the nurse was going to go to his place after work, and he seemed like the type of guy always flirting with women and trying to get them to come to his house so that he can have sex with them if he is lucky; which was pretty unprofessional among other things in my opinion.

An older off-duty male doctor with light-color skin with mostly graying hair entered the building to wait in the waiting room and talk to the other doctor, and the assumed nurse said a few things to them before moving further across the room to maybe work or something.

I was following their conversation and sometimes looking through the opening to the library to see what my coworkers were doing, and through the opening to the library I saw: my female coworker TR, my female coworker JB, my coworker Mrs. MW, my female coworker MA, and maybe one or two others.

I can not remember why I was in the waiting room, but I do know that I planned to enter the library eventually to see my coworkers.

I heard the two doctors talking normal doctor, work, and guy stuff like: the younger doctor was tired and has been working since 7:00 AM et cetera.

But they were also talking about some inappropriate stuff (their womanizing exploits et cetera), including about the assumed nurse and the younger doctor’s plan to have sex with her later, and they said this in front of all of us including the assumed nurse so I think that she heard them.

The assumed nurse walked over to the younger doctor to cancel her plans to come to his house, the younger doctor tried to get her to change her mind, but she did not and she probably let him know who his next patient was before walking away somewhat angrily.

I was glad that she canceled the visit, I thought the two doctors were acting like jerks and were being unprofessional among other things, and I had considered warning the assumed nurse myself if she had not probably overheard them talking about her and other women.

The two doctors somewhat joked about the situation and about how he would have to make some new plans for the night, they said goodbye, and the younger doctor went to go back to work.

I walked to the library part of the building to talk to my coworkers out front, but all of them had went to the back employee areas for a moment so I waited behind the front desk as several female patrons with light-color skin with long yellow hair waited in line.

I saw JB through the glass windows to Mr. CF’s shared office, she was standing up talking to someone and / or doing something, and MA walked over to tell her something; TR and Mrs. MW were possibly by KE’s desk.

The wait was longer than expected, it was awkward and I thought about helping the patrons, but I do not know how to do check-outs and I do not have permission to do that so I could only stand there waiting but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream seemed to be almost a continuation of the previous dream or just my mind recycling parts of the previous dream world, this time the medical clinic part of the building was larger and nicer and more modern and more hospital-like, and the building was bigger and the library areas were possibly different too.

This time I was at work and even more of my coworkers were in the dream now including Mr. CF who was in his usual security guard uniform and was still the security guard, and throughout the dream I noticed that my female coworker JB was acting different like something was wrong and she probably said little to nothing so I wondered what was wrong.

The clinic and the library were so connected this time that you probably had to cross parts of both areas sometimes so part of the dream involved parts of the clinic, the main library areas, a fictional version of the library employee break room where I saw several of my female coworkers talking and JB stood with them from not talking or not talking much still acting like something was wrong, and then I went to a fictional room that was possibly next to the shelving room or was the shelving room.

This room had some windows to the outside where I could see a courtyard and a walkway to the other side of the clinic part of the building, and there was a sitting area near the exit / entrance doors where a family with light-color skin with black hair were sitting.

The family included a grandmother, mother, and children (maybe two boys, and two girls) who could speak English and another language from probably Asia (possibly Mandarin or Japanese, but I am not sure).

The youngest boy was sick and had his eyes closed like he was asleep or in a coma and he seemed to have a fever and was not doing good at all, the rest of the family were a bit panicked and trying to help him, and they seemed to be trying to get help at the clinic but they were accidentally in the library by mistake thinking that this was a waiting room I guess so I walked over to try to help them.

After trying to help them I let them know how to reach the clinic quickly and I offered to help move the boy, they probably declined my offer but thanked me, and maybe as they were leaving JB and Mr. CF walked into the room.

JB picked up what looked like a piece of wood in maybe a cereal box with a white cloth wrapped around it, and her and Mr. CF walked near me by the exit / entrance so I asked them what was going on.

They said a few things to each other but were paying me no attention mostly so I watched in confusion as I tried to figure out what was going on, it looked like something was wrong with JB’s arm and that she was in pain, and so that is probably what was bothering her throughout the dream.

It seemed that the wooden board and the cereal box and the white cloth were going to be used as a splint and / or to possibly brace her arm in place as Mr. CF tries to straighten the arm if it was dislocated, JB might have said one or two thing very brief things in response to my questions that did not really explain at all, but I can not remember.

JB put her arm in position as they stood there by me, I asked them what they were about to do but they do not respond to me just like JB did not really explain when I asked her what was wrong with her arm, and Mr. CF starts putting pressure on her arm in the direction that someone would if they were doing an armbar without doing an actual armbar submission move.

This looked painful and JB was clearly in pain during the process, and she started to make some sounds of pain as Mr. CF applied more pressure to maybe undislocate (?) her arm back in its correct position or whatever was going on.

The sounds of pain that JB made did not even sound like her really which made the situation even worse and more strange when you never heard someone sound like that before, and when they possibly do not sound like themselves.

They were so focused on whatever they were doing for the arm that they were still ignoring my questions and concerns that I was saying to them, and seeing this bothered me so much from seeing JB in pain and the sounds of pain that she made and me being confused about the situation that I accidentally woke up from the dream from being overwhelmed by what was going on.

In real life I can sometimes get reactions and almost feel certain things happening to other people like: embarrassing situations happening to someone else that make me cringe for the other person, seeing someone having blood drawn or getting an injection  or bleeding badly which can cause me to start hyperventilating and feeling weak and dizzy, seeing someone suffering from certain pains / sickness / sadness et cetera that can even cause me to start somewhat feeling what I think they are feeling or I will feel that part of my body; and so these things can bother me sometimes from my reactions to what I guess that the other person is experiencing and / or my own empathetic reaction to some negative things happening to certain other people.

I was scared awake quickly by this, my body shook a bit when I woke up like if someone scares you suddenly, the jump from sleeping / dreaming to being awakened suddenly was so sudden that it scared me a bit and I could still feel what I felt in the dream so it took me a while to recover and I could not sleep anymore after this (it was already late because I went to bed after 4:00 AM, and so it was afternoon (probably 12:00 PM) already so normally I can not sleep any longer anyway because my body usually does not like sleeping during the afternoon or even evening).

The end,

-John Jr

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