Gerard Butler Goes Undercover Against The Zeros Cartel

I had a variety of dreams that I woke up remembering, but I did not record them each time that I went back to sleep; so most were forgotten except for barely part of several connected transitioning dreams.

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day and involved a slightly fictional version of the area where my aunt JE’s house is or should be, if the house was there it was thinner and was a different color; and me and some of my family were in this area outside mostly.

More things happened in this dream, but I can not remember the details now.

Dream 2

This dream continued from where the previous dream left off, and at some point I traveled by foot and / or automobile not far away past the field two streets down.

Not far down from this area I was somehow in maybe the state of California in the United States like the city of D was possibly part of California, or somehow it was connected to the city of D.

There was a paved road, next to this road was a dirt road / trail that went up a hill that led to a park or something; so I started walking and / or driving up the dirt road to reach the top.

Citizens were and had been complaining about the dirt road / trail being too dangerous, there were various accidents and near accidents, and so I saw some people complaining about this as I walked and / or drove by.

They were correct about it being dangerous, so I could understand them protesting.

At some point, I started to walk down the dirt road / trail carefully to return to where I had come from.

That is all that I can remember of this dream, even though I know that there was more to this dream.

Dream 3

This dream was probably inspired by me watching part of an episode of the television show Z Nation (Season 3) the previous day.

This dream was like a movie and I guess continued from the previous dream, and the actor Gerard Butler was in an action hero-like role.

He was maybe a CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) agent who was in an undercover operation against the Mexican Zeros cartel from the television show Z Nation; with La Reina (The Queen Of The Dead) as the leader and Escorpion seemed to be her second in charge.

I am not sure if I was in the dream at this point or not, but I do know that I was there right before the raid.

Mr. Butler was possibly the main character of the dream at first, but I am not sure.

Mr. Butler was undercover working at the Zeros’s front organization (business) which was a large possibly multi-story multipurpose legitimate business in the main areas.

Some parts of the building were used for their illegal activities like illegal drug sales and black market auctions et cetera.

Mr. Butler was gathering intelligence and evidence so that him and a CIA strike team / whoever could raid the place and arrest and takedown the Zeros cartel and their leader La Reina and Escorpion.

So he kept trying to get as close as he could to their illegal activities as he worked undercover there.

At some point, Mr. Butler had gathered enough intelligence and evidence and had come up with a plan to raid the place.

He waited until he was able to reach a lower, possibly partly underground, part of the building where a train would pass through to drop off and pick up supplies.

This area was used for the black market auctions and the moving and storing of illegal things.

The train was there with new illegal supplies, La Reina and Escorpion were there, the black market auction was going on so many members of the Zeros and people there for the auction were there; so this was a great time to raid the building.

At some point Mr. Butler gave the signal to start the raid and the CIA raid / strike team stormed the building from various areas with full body armor and submachine guns and assault rifles and shields and flash grenades and smoke grenades; including the area where Mr. Butler was.

They arrested La Reina and Escorpion and the other members of the Zeros cartel who were in the building.

I was there, I had probably come to shop in the legitimate business areas and had possibly gotten lost and ended up near the black market auction or something, but I can not remember.

I heard La Reina telling Mr. Butler that she would get out soon.

She seemed to think that she would not even go to prison or be in jail long at all because I assume she had people on her payroll in high positions.

She offered to bribe him to let her go, otherwise she would have him and some people he cared about killed later, but he refused.

For some unknown reason, I feared for my own safety and those I know if what she said was true.

After the raid and clean up, the CIA used the business as a front organization for the CIA, and the CIA set up secret areas in some parts of the building just like the Zeros cartel had.

I visited the building to shop and to see if I could figure out where the hidden CIA area were, some people I knew worked at the building in the business areas.

So I wondered how would they be able to keep it secret because I knew that employees at the business would likely talk about it with other people et cetera.

As I walked around, I noticed that the CIA seemed to be using most of the same areas that the Zeros cartel had used, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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