Defeating Brock Lesnar | Sneaking Around Rivet City

Dream 1

This dream probably involved me, my former male classmate JC, and maybe my former male classmate DH being on a team, and we had to have one-on-one fights against another team of professional mixed martial artists including Brock Lesnar.

JC is the only person to have ever beat me in a grappling match in my adult life, DH is the only person that forced me to a draw in a grappling match in my adult life, and both of them are bigger than me and have had some martial arts training (DH is a black belt in probably two martial arts and has military training, and JC had some brief MMA training and years of being a professional wrestling fan who would wrestle for fun more than I did and he has strange joints et cetera that make it harder to do some submission moves against him) but I do not really have any official martial arts training (except for a 1 hour self-defense class for women that I attended with my mom and my male cousin DE once when I was a kid).