Defeating Brock Lesnar | Sneaking Around Rivet City

Dream 1

This dream probably involved me, my former male classmate JC, and maybe my former male classmate DH being on a team, and we had to have one-on-one fights against another team of professional mixed martial artists including Brock Lesnar.

JC is the only person to have ever beat me in a grappling match in my adult life, DH is the only person that forced me to a draw in a grappling match in my adult life, and both of them are bigger than me and have had some martial arts training (DH is a black belt in probably two martial arts and has military training, and JC had some brief MMA training and years of being a professional wrestling fan who would wrestle for fun more than I did and he has strange joints et cetera that make it harder to do some submission moves against him) but I do not really have any official martial arts training (except for a 1 hour self-defense class for women that I attended with my mom and my male cousin DE once when I was a kid).

This was not fair at all having us fight professional mixed martial artists, but I was curious to see if I could somehow survive.

I am not sure who fought first and whether JC or DH won their fights or not, I just know that I fought Brock Lesnar, and my plan was to be smart and end the fight quickly but start off cautious.

I knew that I had to avoid him taking me down and using his wrestling and ground-and-pound or catching me with a powerful strike so I would have to keep my guard up and keep moving to try to prevent him from going for the takedown, my plan was to lure him into a trap, I wanted to take him down after catching him with a few strikes to throw him off-balance, and hopefully finish him quickly with a submission or by ground-and-pound.

I probably moved around and dodged a bit trying to lure him into a trap and I threw some feints and some leg kicks and followed up with blocking with my left arm while throwing a straight and / or overhand with my right arm, and I possibly got an opening for a takedown and I possibly took him down and ended the fight by either submission and / or by ground-and-pound until either the referee stopped the fight or Mr. Lesnar quit.

I can not remember, I just know that I won to my surprise, and that maybe the other team had four people on it so one of us were going to have to fight again so I offered to fight again against their last teammate.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place in Rivet City (which is on an aircraft carrier) from the video game Fallout 3 except the dream was live action instead of being a video game.

I was on the aircraft carrier with two or three other people during the night I assume when I assume most people were sleep, we were sneaking around inside with weapons (guns I think), and I asked the others if they wanted to clear every room that was not locked and they said yes.

The plan was that one person would cover the outside of each room while two others went inside to clear each room, we will alternate, and we would do this as we sneaked around Rivet City.

I have no idea why we were there, I just know that the tension was high and we were being very quiet and cautious and hiding a lot, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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