A Dream World Controlled By Willow?

I barely got 4 hours of sleep last night but I had an interesting long detailed strange transitioning dream or several dreams, but unfortunately I can not remember most of it or them because of all the transitions and details and how long it was and how strange it was.

The dream or dreams kept transitioning between indoor / outdoor areas without me noticing it, and some of the areas were partly made up of: fictional versions of my parent’s neighborhood, the street that The E House is on, and the area by The D Post Office and the feed stores.

Buildings would change and combine without me noticing, transitioning to combine: houses, colleges, shopping malls, feed stores, various outdoor areas, et cetera.

Some objects from my past were possibly here and there, I had knowledge and a familiarity with some things in the dream like: where I lived, maybe went to college, the various places I was at, and more even though a lot of this was fictional with some things that I recognize from the real world.

Time of day shifts happened, location shifts happened, situational shifts happened, and more.

The dream world was slowly constantly changing without me noticing, and I just moved between the transitions smoothly and normally like it was normal.

So many things happened that I wish that I could remember like maybe a carnival / fair, maybe events outside and inside at a college campus, and more.

Some people I knew from the real world and some fictional people I somehow knew were in the dream, various situations happened with some possibly being similar to some past dreams and transitioning dreams, and so there were more familiar moments here and there than probably normal for these kind of dreams.

I feel like there is so much that happened that I can not remember, days and weeks and more probably passed in this dream, with the usual time jumps here and there between various transitions.

I got to probably live in various locations like maybe an amusement park, college dorm, zoo, one or more fictional houses, et cetera.

I probably met fictional and maybe some real classmates and former classmates, some fictional and probably real family members, et cetera.

One part of the dream took place inside a building where I was with some other people, including maybe one of my brothers and maybe a fictional family member, and we saw from a window a car park outside my parent’s fence and a man got out who looked like a short version of my brother CC back when he wore his hair longer.

The man walked to the room where we were, some one with us told us that the man was somehow related to us, and something happened where I ended up asking the man if he wanted a haircut and he said yes so I gave him a short and even haircut.

I asked him if the haircut was good enough, he did not seem satisfied with it, and then his hair changed without me noticing it where it was a bit longer again and it looked uneven so I inspected it.

I noticed various strange braids in his hair of various designs that I have never seen that were so tight that his scalp was being pulled and you could see lines and wrinkles or whatever in his head, I told him about this and that he should probably have them loosened, and then I offered to try to even his hair out so I started to cut his hair again.

I cut out some of the braids in the process by accident, which was a good thing in this case because they were hidden and too tight anyway, and after I cut his hair again it changed again without me noticing but it looked better but not as good as the first haircut at first.

He was satisfied enough with this second haircut and he probably left to hopefully have the braids loosened or removed, I was not satisfied with the haircut (I was the first time until it changed), but there was not much that I could do with all of those strange tight braids in his hair.

Another part of the dream took place during the day outside in a fictional version of the field at the end of the street that The E House is on near the last house on the right side, and I was there when I saw some young adults and young people playing sports.

I somehow ended up talking to a young man with light-color skin with dark-color hair, and I started showing him how to throw a jab and some self-defense advice but we got interrupted by maybe a male Japanese martial arts instructor with light-color skin with black hair who divided us in teams of two to practice briefly before he would start teaching us some martial arts.

Me and the young man were on the same team so I continued showing him how to throw a jab, he asked me how he should hold his fist during a punch and I showed him where to put his thumb and where not too and why, I showed him a left hand block and right hand straight combo, but we got interrupted.

The next thing that I remember is being in a fictional area where The O Feed Store should be, this area transitioned the most of anything that I remember so my memory is too unclear and confused, but it was open at first to the outside and maybe there was roller coaster-like structure around it and connected to it that I possibly climbed on.

Possibly some toys and stuffed toys and some other things from my past were possibly briefly inside an opening in the side of the building where feed is normally stored, and maybe I climbed in there and out.

Somehow this changed to my family having a house inside, it also changed to seemingly being connected with a college, and then somehow having a shopping mall-like area connected to it among other things inside and outside.

All these changes happened without me noticing, I just recognized things like it was normal mostly, and it went from day to night without me noticing and to morning later.

When I went inside to walk to our house in the building it was magically night, I somehow knew where to go, and our house was a nice area that I walked through that was dimly lit so I assumed that my mom was up for some reason so I walked around looking for her and to see where the rest of my family were.

I assumed that almost everyone was sleep, I walked past open rooms that were probably mostly bedrooms, and I walked through some nice family rooms and living rooms and other spaces.

It was like walking through a nice lobby at a fancy hotel / casino / resort with some of these area that you walk through being a house, and you could continue walking to reach the college areas and college shopping mall-like areas et cetera so it was all connected.

I called out my mom’s name wondering if she was reading or sleeping on a couch, but before I could reach that area I got distracted by a hallway to my right that I did not recognize.

It had booths (food and drinks et cetera) and other places (cafes) like at a shopping mall but with a college feel to it (study areas, and other college places), a college shopping mall, it was part of this that I had not seen before; I knew some of the areas, but not this area so I walked along it to explore.

I saw some food on a counter to my left, I wondered if someone had left it when they closed for the day, but then I started to notice people slowly arriving to open the businesses and maybe for college.

I then realized that I needed to fix my clothes, I was wearing my long sleeve button work shirt but it was unbuttoned and untucked so I started trying to fix this before someone noticed, and then I was approached by a man with light-color skin with medium-to-dark hair and facial hair wearing dress clothes who seemed like he was my boss or manager or something at a job.

Another man was near me with light-medium color skin wearing clothing similar to me but he had his tucked in and nice-looking, which is what I was in the process of adjusting so that I would have mine like that, and the man said to come with him or something like this was part of a job or something.

I thought that he was talking to me so I was about to follow him but suddenly the man next to me jumped in the air and flew away, the assumed boss / manager said something like this was common or expected, and then he told me to follow him so I did.

I asked him where we were going, and he told me: “You will know soon enough.”.

We walked outside and it was morning now and people seemed to be gathering in an area that had a lower area and an upper area, and the center piece was a large monolith / slab / structure that I assumed to be either stone and / or a screen.

I assumed that someone was going to stand below it and was going to give a speech or something to let us know what was going on, I assumed that the monolith was just for decoration and was part of the design of this area and / or it was a screen, and I asked the man who was about to speak and he said: “Willow, and that she would explain everything, and soon I would see the truth.”.

Before he walked away among the crowd he gave me a look when he said this, I felt that there was a hidden message to his reply, and the part about “soon I would see the truth” stood out as important.

I asked him what he meant, he said that Willow would explain, and something about things are not what they seem and he hinted that they were trapped or something; but that I would see soon enough.

I was confused, but for some reason I assumed that maybe Willow was a little girl who somehow controlled this world maybe and would reveal this.

I assumed that maybe everyone was trapped here and that she had all the power over it, and I assumed that she would stand below the monolith and give a speech that she probably gives everyday like maybe the world resets every day or something.

Somewhat to my surprise the monolith turned on like a screen, maybe almost the colors of the Microsoft Cortana screen, and a female virtual assistant artificial intelligence (AI) started talking through the monolith.

This was Willow to my surprise, Willow explained that maybe she was an advanced AI system or something that managed and controlled this world, and she explained in detail what she was and what the official name of her type of system was and what her original purpose was et cetera.

Willow said that something went wrong and / or triggered some kind of emergency system or something, she explained the details but I can not remember, and this activated some kind of Dark Zone Protocol or something (I can not remember the exact name).

This put her in control of the world (or this area) and caused a strange virtual-like darkness to trap the entire world (or this area), and everything in it was now under her control.

I saw this happening around us, mostly everyone was frozen during this as she continued explaining, but I saw the man glance at me and I saw some military / secret agent / government type men glancing around looking for anyone who was not frozen and I saw them take anyone away that they noticed not impacted by this completely so I pretended to be frozen to avoid this happening to me.

Now I knew what the man meant, I assumed that they might kill those who Willow could not control or whatever, but that was a wild guess; but obviously something strange was going on, some how those men were not frozen and were working with Willow I assumed, and maybe Willow as just a tool that they used to control this world.

I was new and somehow I was not impacted by Willow yet, somehow a few others like the man were not either, and I wondered if Willow would reset people each day during this assumed daily / morning.

It seemed that Willow and those government-type men would use this morning speech to keep their control of this world going or something, but that was a wild guess.

I just knew that I had to be careful and that I either needed to either leave Willow’s area of control to escape or figure out how to deactivate The Dark Zone Protocol or whatever or somehow stop Willow and those government-type men.

I assumed that the man wanted me to help free them from being trapped here, but I woke up because it was time to get ready for work.

The end,

-John Jr

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