Sketchy McClain & Vernon “Skeezy” At The E House

This dream was inspired by an episode of Z Nation (Season 3) that I watched yesterday called Election Day.

Z Nation 3×09 Promo “Election Day” (HD)

The dream probably took place during the zombie apocalypse at a slightly fictional version of The E House that looked mostly the same but it had more rooms that possibly had a protective cover around it or something, but I can not remember.

The characters Sketchy McClain And Vernon “Skeezy” from Z Nation were probably there conning / tricking people as usual, Sketchy was probably pretending to be The President Of The United States, but I could be wrong.

Both of them were in a different room of the house so I did not really see them much.

I was mostly in the living room with some of my family members (my aunt DE, my mom, and various other aunts), some fictional elderly people who made up most of the people inside the house, and maybe one or more of my coworkers.

We were talking, the main topic that I heard were people mentioning some of the different meetings they were about to attend inside the house and where, and some of them slowly left for their meetings.

Sketchy and Skeezy probably had a meeting going where they were probably conning people, and so I probably tried to warn people to not attend their meeting.

Most of my family members were going to attend a meeting together, probably just for our family, but I could be wrong.

No one seemed worried about the zombies and the zombie apocalypse, I assume the protective cover or whatever made them feel safe, but I did not think that we should be relaxed.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


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