A Hotel + Time Travel + My Uncle CE’s New Job + Dairy Queen = ?

I did not record any of the dreams that I remembered last night except for part of my last dream, this was a long dream, and so a lot of it is forgotten now.

Part 1

This part of the dream seemed to take place at a nice hotel in another city that felt almost apartment-like because the hotel was nice and spacious, and I was there with some of my coworkers (like my female coworker JB and Mrs. MW and probably some others) like maybe we were on a work trip or something and some of my family were there at some point in the dream as well.

This part of the dream possibly took place over more than one day, I talked with and spent some time with my coworkers in the hotel and maybe outside of it in the fictional city and I remember JB looking at me in a dismissive way at some point but I am not sure what happened there, and at some point most of them probably checked out of the hotel but I stayed longer and my brother CC stayed with me.

Someone either had already paid for a few more days but left early so they let us use their hotel room or we just stayed overtime without permission without anyone noticing, I am not sure which, and during part of this part of the dream and / or after it there was something involving time travel and we left the hotel at some point and I returned to the city of D.

Part 2

The time travel parts of the dream are forgotten now unfortunately, I possibly went back and forth in time several times in the dream, possibly back to when my coworkers were still in the hotel and afterward.

Maybe I could somehow control this, I probably could not go that far back in time (maybe only a day or so or less), but I am not sure.

One thing that I possibly tried to change using time travel was to see if I could do anything differently to avoid the dismissive look / reaction from JB, which negatively impacted my mood and had caused a quick sharp negative feeling in my chest where your heart is, but I possibly was not able to go back that far or I failed or I decided not to but I can not remember.

Part 3

Back in the city of D I was at home, maybe at a fictional version of my parent’s house, and my mom texted me a photograph of her and my female cousin ME at a fictional small restaurant / maybe bar that was in the neighborhood where my former uncle DE lives.

My uncle CE had a job there now and worked behind the counter, my mom and my cousin ME were eating and having a good time and my uncle CE was in the background, and a round analog clock on the wall showed that it was after 5 AM I think (unless it was PM).

Part 4

During late evening or early night I drove me and my brother GC to the Dairy Queen in the city of D to get some food, I drove through the drive-through, and at the window was a slightly overweight female employee with light-color skin with long brown and / or black hair.

I smiled and I was friendly and I said thank you et cetera like I usually do as I paid for the food and as I got the food, but for some unknown reason the female employee gave me a dismissive look and reaction like JB had done earlier in the dream which once again gave me a quick sharp negative feeling in my chest where my heart is and my mood was negatively impacted and this bothered me and I wondered why I got that reaction from her and from JB.

This confused and bothered me, I handed my brother GC the bag of food, and as I drove away I told him to check the bag to make sure that the order was right but he told me that something was missing so I drove back to the drive-through to let them know and to order some apple donuts (maybe apple cider or apple pie or some kind of special apple holiday donuts) that I saw on the sign.

Right before I woke up I still had this on my mind and the two dismissive looks / reactions that I got from JB and the female employee and I was trying to make sense of this, trying to make sense of the feeling(s) that I felt in reaction to the dismissive looks / reactions, why I felt the way that I did, and why this mattered to / bothered me.

The end,

-John Jr

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