A Child-Sized Male Politician?

Dream 1

This dream involved the character George Amberson (Jake Epping) from the book 11/22/63 thinking about his time living and teaching in Jodie Texas, he was probably no longer living in Jodie at this point, but I could be wrong; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I only remembered barely part of this dream when I was driving into the parking lot at work this morning, something that I can not remember triggered the memory, but unfortunately I can only remember one part of this dream.

The part of this dream that I barely remembered involved a woman with light-color skin approaching me and talking to me, and at some point she started to mention something that I recognized as possibly being about me.

I started to name details and ask her if they matched her story and they did I think, she kept giving me hints, and eventually revealed that I was correct and that the story was about me.

I assumed from the hints that she gave me was that the story was about a time back when I was in junior high school in Mr. MI’s class, there was a girl in this class with light-color skin with orange or red hair whose first name was possibly A who used to sit alone in the classroom during break, and this girl caught my attention and she looked like someone who needed some cheering up and so I tried talking to her a few times.

At some point I decided to write her a letter and I gave it to her one day, she never responded to it, but somehow our female classmate LB got to see the letter and LB told me that it was cute and nice of me and some other things like that.

I assumed that maybe the woman in this dream was the sister of A, I asked the woman, but she only gave me some hints without revealing the answer in this part of the dream that I do remember.

The woman told me that she had read my letter from all those years ago as well so she knew what was in it, I can not remember all that I wrote but I do know that I put my contact information in there in case A wanted to become friends or something, and I know that the letter contained words of encouragement for her and I probably mentioned some of my thoughts and feelings about her.

The woman told me that she thought that I was a good person and a few other things, but that is all that I can remember of this dream even though I know that there was more.

Dream 3

In part of this dream I was outside driving and then I was walking on grass and on a sidewalk near the street with a sunken area to the right that led down to another walking area and dock-like area by water.

This area felt a bit park-like, and I was carrying someone who was the size of child (toddler), but this person looked like a man even though they were the size of a child.

The child-sized man was a politician with light-color skin with maybe dark-color hair and maybe he was wearing a dark-color suit, I was holding him like a child but I am not sure if I thought that he was a child or not, and at some point I took him inside a multi-floor multi-purpose building.

My family lived in a house area in this building on maybe an upper floor, at some point the child-sized man became a toddler without me noticing the change, and then I walked around the building babysitting him and another toddler.

The children led me around the house area, a restaurant area, hallways, et cetera.

My mom started to help babysit them at some point, some of the rest of my family were in the house area, and at some point I walked away for a moment but during that brief time the children escaped so me and my mom walked around trying to find them.

We found one of the children jumping on a bed in a room, and then I found the other child who used to be a child-sized male politician earlier in the dream.

I then finally realized that the second child that I found used to look like a child-sized man, and so I mentioned this oddity to my mom who also thinks that this is strange.

As I was starting to almost recognize the strangeness of the dream I got awakened by an alarm.

The end,

-John Jr

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