My Former Classmate AM Does Not Seem To Remember Me

I did not record the dreams that I remembered except for barely part of my last dream, and so now that is the only dream that I barely saved part of.

I think that this dream took place during the day at a fictional bakery-like place that was possibly inside a store near where Burkes Outlet in the shopping center by W Park in the city of D should be.

The bakery-like place was in the middle of the store against the wall on the right side of the building, and a female employee with light-color skin was working at it behind the counter / display area.

I was standing in line waiting my turn while looking at the breads and desserts et cetera when a tall man and a tall woman with light-color skin wearing winter clothing with knit hats walked in line behind me like they were married or dating, and the man looked like my former male classmate AM.

I waited to see if AM would recognize me to see if it was really him, he did not seem to notice me, and I was so confident that it was likely him that I greeted him and I asked him if he was AM.

He replied maybe like he was being cautious, I told him who I was, but he did not seem to recognize me so I reminded him that we were former classmates.

I explained who I was, how we used to be former classmates and former teammates, but he still did not seem to recognize me even though he did not say this.

I then explained how I have changed since we were back in school, how he seems taller now, where I work (The BP Library) and that I had two jobs there now (so this dream took place in the future), and I asked him if he still worked in the physical therapy career field.

Before he could respond it was my turn to order my food, to me he still did not seem to remember me, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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