Being A VIP At A President Donald Trump Speech

I had more dreams that I remembered and I thought that I recorded part of at least one other dream but I guess it did not save or something, and so now I only have some text notes of one other dream so the other dreams are forgotten now.

I remember being inside a classroom where The President Of The United States Donald Trump was giving a speech in the middle of the room with only a small area of empty space around him, and so it was a very intimate up-close and personal speech.

I was among a small group of VIPs / special guests in front of the President Trump who had met him before the speech and who he had probably been briefed about, and so he knew our names and some things about us et cetera.

The classroom was not large, I can not remember seeing any United States Secret Service agents around, but I assumed that they were among the crowd; but I did not look around for them much so I probably just missed them, but I was surprised that they were not more noticeable because we were closer to President Trump than usual and there was nothing separating him from us but a bit of empty space.

President Trump took a moment throughout his speech to address each of us VIPs / special guests by name, he would briefly say something about us, acknowledge us, say something to us, et cetera.

To my right was a short man with light-color skin with black hair wearing glasses whose last name was probably Japanese, he was possibly there on behalf of his dead father who was being honored so he was a bit sad, and when President Trump mentioned their last name he said it wrong so the man did not look happy about this and corrected him under his breath.

During the speech people left gifts for President Trump on a chair or something on his left side.

President Trump addressed me during his speech at some point, he knew my name and said that we had met before (I had memories of having met him before as well) so he remembered me, he smiled and said a few good things about me and called me a good man, and he made a joke and he shook my hand before continuing his speech.

After President Trump’s speech I went outside and I walked to the parking lot to wait on my parents who were still inside the building, it was day, and their automobile was parked in the parking lot near a van with some people speaking Spanish including a man who was possibly the character Hector “Escorpion” Alvarez from the television show Z Nation.

It is possible that them speaking Spanish was possibly inspired by me practicing speaking in Esperanto out-loud and in my mind before going to sleep and / or this could be symbolic and connected with President Trump being in the dream.

My parents walked over to their automobile carrying some of the gifts that were supposed to be for President Trump, I tell them this and that they should return them and that they should not have taken them, but they do not care.

I wondered if President Trump could even accept those gifts because of ethics laws / rules, either way I wanted my parents to return them, and I was disappointed in them for taking them.

This was not like them at all so I wondered if they had known at first, it seemed that they possibly thought that the gifts were free for anyone, but I woke up before I could find out.

The end,

-John Jr


Dreams & Visions: The Lost Language Of God

What is it?

The 2010 audiobook Dreams & Visions: The Lost Language Of God on Compact Disc (CD) by Dr. Mark Chironna.

What is it about?

Here is the description of this audiobook from the back cover itself:

God is still speaking to us in our dreams and visions, but it is important to understand the correct way to interpret them.

Your dreams and visions unfold a story line that needs to be viewed in the same way and with the same wonder as you would view a production on stage, or on the silver screen, or a mystery novel, or a work of art.

Dream interpretation involves both art and skill and requires an appreciation, respect, and honoring of the dreams in the same way that you approach artistic and inspirational expressions.

In this series, Dr. Chironna takes you through the in-depth process of understanding and interpreting the language of God in your dreams and the visions you may see in your prayer time.