George Amberson (Jake Epping) Spying On Lee Harvey Oswald

This dream was inspired by me reading some of the book 11/22/63 before I went to sleep.

This dream was a combination of dreaming, daydreaming, and thinking.

The character George Amberson (Jake Epping) was the main character of the dream, and he was spying on Lee Harvey Oswald, who was about to make an assassination attempt against Edwin Walker.

George (Jake) was also thinking and daydreaming about the situation, I was able to see and hear his thoughts / daydreams.

I was also thinking and daydreaming as well, so my mind juggled following both of our thoughts / daydreams.

The real world was partly on my mind, like I was partly awake sometimes.

I was trying to avoid oversleeping, so I had to try to not sleep / dream too deeply while partly still being aware of the real world.

I knew that I needed to wake up for work, but I wanted to get some more sleep.

So I had to try to balance the two while also keeping the dream going and juggling George’s (Jake’s) thoughts / daydreams and mine.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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