Mexican Gangs | Gaming YouTubers | A Helmet-To-Helmet Tackle

Dream 1

In some part of this dream someone was telling me about some gangs (maybe cartels and mafias et cetera too): one gang was a Mexican gang in Mexico who were known to be a more positive gang who helped the community, a second gang was also a Mexican gang in Mexico who were probably feared and / or their leader was feared, a third gang from another country had a member or leader who was known as a master of assassins, but I can not remember the other gangs mentioned and which countries the non-Mexican gangs were from or who was telling me this or why they were telling me this or any other details.

The next thing that I remember is being in maybe Mexico with my dad like we were on vacation, maybe my mom was there but somewhere else in the dream at the time, but I am not sure.

We were inside a restaurant with a 1 1/2 floor or a second floor overlooking the first floor, to the left were at least two small bathrooms that were open with only a urinal on the left and an open stall on the right, and so there was not much privacy.

The owner and the other employees seemed to mistakenly think that we were either family members of one of the leaders of one of the gangs and / or they thought that we were members of one of the gangs that someone had told me about earlier, and so they greeted us one at a time with nervous / scared smiles and handshakes like we were VIPs and like they were afraid of us and / or respected us.

I do not know enough Spanish so I did not try to talk to them further to see if they really did mistake us as having a connection to a gang.

The first bathroom had a small very thin person with light-color skin with short black hair sitting on the floor to the left with their knees to their chest, they looked sickly (zombie-like or like someone who was barely alive) and homeless, and I could not tell if it was a woman or man because I could not see them very well.

As me and my dad were looking at the menu I needed to urinate, and so I went to find a bathroom that was free.

One was free at first but as I was trying to use the urinal another man started using the toilet, I was not comfortable and nothing was coming out, and so when another man showed up to use the bathroom I left so that him and the other man could use the bathroom.

I then saw some men pass through the restaurant on their way outside, and a child was crawling behind them but it seemed that maybe the child was not really with them so I watched trying to figure this out.

When the small very thin sickly person on the bathroom floor saw the child crawl by they finally showed some life, I could then see that it was a woman who looked like maybe she was from somewhere in Asia, and she seemed to recognize the child so she tried to grab the child but this scared the child and it crawled away faster after the men who walked outside.

The woman starting making sounds like she did not have enough energy to talk, she did not seem to be able to walk much in her current condition, and she seemed to be trying to go after the child by crawling and then maybe finally getting up and barely walking after him.

I heard the men in the distance responding to either the woman after noticing them, I listened trying to figure out what was going on as I was still trying to decide if I should get involved or not, but I woke up.

In the real world I really did need to urinate.

Dream 2

This dream scene was me watching a very low quality video from the past of some game related / gamer / video game related YouTubers together at a YouTube event, and they seemed to also be doing a comedy skit together.

Most of them were sitting at tables around a podium, like a banquet or awards-like show or something, and It’sAGundam from YouTube was there wearing a black robe-like a judge or graduate and he was standing at the podium giving a speech and telling jokes.

Angry Joe (Joe Vargas) from YouTube was among the crowd (but it was the thinner and younger version of him from his early YouTube days because this video was from the past) and he was among the people closer to the podium, and everyone laughed when It’sAGundam was banging a nameplate on the podium like a judge but it broke.

It’sAGundam started joking about this, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream took place in a slightly fictional version of the city of D.

The beginning of this dream had something to do with people with superpowers, and parts of this possibly was in the background of the dream throughout parts of the dream; but I can not remember the details.

Another part of this dream that continued throughout the dream was me going to work at The BP Library, maybe sometimes I drove there and sometimes I rode a bicycle there, and I would travel there through a different route that somehow partly took place before you get to The BB Grocery Store on Eastside and later somehow partly took place at a fictional tunnel and building area before you get to the old multi-story building where my uncle CC used to work and then I would continue to where The BP Library really is.

During the various days that I went to work in the dream, the two coworkers who stood out were my female coworkers JB and KE, usually only one of them would be there each day and I would remember and think about the one who was missing that day wishing that they were there because I wanted to talk to them about something and / or it was just not the same without them there at work.

During the dream I got to talk to both of them several times on different work days, but I can not remember any of our conversations other than me asking them if the other was there that day or not.

Another part of the dream involved me walking through an area that looked like it was near where W Park should be, a college American football game was going on between two teams, and one of them seemed to be L University (LU) which is the team that my brothers KDC and TDC play on.

The teams possibly had superpowers but I am not sure, I do not remember seeing my brothers, but I think that I saw their head coach Mr. MS was there.

It was the 4th quarter with seconds left, LU was losing 7 – 0, and LU had the ball; and I felt that they had a chance to tie this game.

LU’s quarterback got the ball but got tackled with an illegal brutal helmet-to-helmet tackle, completely standing straight face-to-face / helmet-to-helmet / body-to-body, and it was so powerful that he went flying backward doing flips and sliding along the ground like someone falling down hill.

The player who tackled him hit him so hard that he went flying too, and they went so far back that they passed / past the field and went into a clearing in the woods; and so they went impossibly far, and so maybe they really did have superpowers.

I remember yelling for someone to send a medic even before they finally stopped flipping and sliding, I assumed that someone was going to be seriously injured or dead or at least unconscious, but oddly their coaches and no one responded to do anything.

I am not sure what happened to the quarterback after that because I was too busy complaining for his team or the officials to do something and about the illegal tackle, I just remember them continuing the game quickly because there were only seconds left, UL’s quarterback or new quarterback threw an interception and the other team got a touchdown and no one on UL’s team bothered to try to tackle him.

UL had a very short player with over-sized pads who could have went for a tackle but he just complained out-loud saying: “He wasn’t even open!” and he moved out-of-the-way letting the player on the other team score.

I probably said something to him about this, but he did not care; and so they lost the game.

The next thing that I remember is trying to get to work on time by bicycle, but I was going to be late.

I remember crossing the fictional tunnel-like area and building along with other people, this area was oddly crowded which slowed me down, and so I got to work 14 minutes late.

JB and KE were possibly both not there, it was possibly a Thursday, but I am not sure.

I was disappointed in myself for being that late, and not having JB or KE there made it worse; and I felt a bit disoriented and not sure what to do, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

What is it?

The 2018 interactive science fiction web television movie Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.


My Brothers KDC & TDC Get Killed By A Venom-Like Creature

I had a variety of interesting dreams, but I was not able to record much from them or all of them.

I am not even sure what order they go in or when some begin or end, and so I will type them randomly.

Dream 1

I may have had a dream that had some creatures / entities / whatever in it, maybe some daedra, but I am not sure; and that is all that I can remember of this possible dream.


The Elder Scrolls Lore

Source: YouTube

I finished watching the current six videos in a YouTube playlist by the YouTube channel Decadence Night called The Elder Scrolls Lore:

Decadence Night did a good job with the current six videos in this lore series for The Elder Scrolls franchise, and I hope that he will continue to add lore videos to this playlist in the future.

The end,

-John Jr


Robbery For Christmas 🎁

I got in bed late again and I only made one quick text note about one of my dreams.

The dream took place during the day outside, I was possibly not in the dream, but I can not remember.

There were some people (probably all men, and probably all with light-color skin) riding on horses along or down maybe a street in maybe a neighborhood (I thought that it was somewhat strange for them to be riding horses, but not too weird because some people ride horses through our neighborhood in real life sometimes (yeah I live in a somewhat backwater part of the world 🤠 )).

In the distance was a group of women (probably all with light-color skin maybe wearing dresses and / or dressed like they were at least middle class) walking and talking along maybe the sidewalk.

The men stopped for a moment still sitting on their horses to look at and talk about the group of women, the men wanted to rob the women for Christmas, and I assumed that the men on horseback would give what they steal from the women as Christmas gifts 🎁 to their own family / friends / et cetera.

Robbing people for Christmas seemed to be a tradition for these men on horseback, I assumed that was their main source of Christmas gifts each year, instead of buying their own Christmas gifts.

Right before the men were starting to follow the women by horseback to rob them, one of the men realized that Christmas had already passed, and so the men ended their plan to rob the women.

They probably laughed and joked about this among themselves.

The women had seen the men, but the women had no idea that they almost just got robbed.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr