A King Kong-Like Situation Turned African Coup

I did not record these dreams after they happened, I kept trying to save them in my mind before going back to sleep, each time I would have another dream and would try to remember the previous dreams and the most recent dreams, and I did this the entire time.

Amazingly I was still able to somewhat remember part of 5 of these dreams even though I kept going back to sleep and having more dreams without recording them, and I am a bit sick with something that is giving me a sore throat and slightly draining me a bit.

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day and I went to a fictional small Christian church in what seemed to be the city of D, it was mostly one open square space with maybe chairs arranged in a circle, and my great-aunt HC seemed to be leading the service and my former male classmate DC was there.

There was singing, prayers, et cetera.

After the church service I talked with my great-aunt HC, DC, and several others who had been surprised to see me and they asked me various questions.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day and it involved a King Kong-like situation, there was a giant non-human animal of some kind (maybe dog, but I can not remember now after not recording it and having several other dreams after this) and a woman with light-color skin at a skyscraper, and I was there at the top of the skyscraper with the woman and a news crew who were filming the woman as she explained the situation about her and the giant non-human animal.

I can not remember what their relationship was but I do know that the woman seemed to be defending the giant animal and did not want him harmed, and they were explaining how he was climbing the building and was almost to the top and how amazing that is and how hard that would be for a human to do.

There was some kind of radio-like tower or something at the top of the building, me and a member of the news crew climbed it to give an example of how hard climbing this building would be, and then we climbed back down.

Security was probably responding as the giant animal continuing making his way to the top of the building.

The next thing that I remember is moving down, somehow we were now on a large ship in maybe Africa that was owned by a certain country in Africa, and high-ranking members of the government and military and the rest of the country were there including the leader of the country I assume.

Each group had different style and color clothing and uniforms, everyone I remember seeing from this unknown African country probably had dark-color skin, and the ship was currently near another country floating by their border I guess.

Suddenly other citizens / soldiers / et cetera from this unknown African country who were wearing different style and color clothing and uniforms started attacking the current high-ranking people in charge of the country and their soldiers and security, and so a coup / civil war was breaking out on the ship.

The group who attacked were pretty much killing anyone who was not with them so me, maybe the woman, and the news crew ran and we eventually jumped in the water and we swam to the nearby shore of the other country.

We jumped over some bushes and a fence to a neighborhood, it looked more like The United States, and we kept running and the coup behind us was probably successfully.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream took place in the back of my parents yard, and I was there with some of my female coworkers (maybe my supervisor Mrs. JM and several others).

Corrie Side and her sister Kirstin Morris arrived as surprise special guests, my coworkers had invited them without telling me, and so I was surprised.

Corrie Side’s hair was a light-orange color and was straighter and longer, and her sister seemed to be wearing the Translucent Square Glasses #2019323 which are my newest pair of glasses and I noticed this in the dream and was going to tell her about this once we got a chance to talk.

I was surprised that my coworkers even knew about them, and I felt that they would be surprised that I knew about them.

I found out about Corrie Side when I was looking for video examples of the Zenni Optical photochromic lenses on YouTube, I found a video by her that gave an example, and I was impressed by the quality of her video and I commented on the video and she replied to me.

I watched a few more of her videos and one of them had her sister Kirstin Morris in it, she was wearing the translucent version of the glasses that I was going to buy in that video, and that is how I found out about her.

I planned on telling them both this once we got a chance to talk, they were on the top of the steps of the steps by the back door, and they said that they had traveled from Canada on a trip where they would cross near our country at some point so they decided to stop by for a visit after being invited by my coworkers.

Corrie spoke a bit slower and different in the dream, which I noticed in the dream as well, she spoke in a more professional way like someone who was about to give a presentation or something.

It seemed that they were possibly going to give a presentation or something before we talking and hang out, and maybe we would give them a tour of the city et cetera before they continue their journey.

But I woke up.

Dream 4

This dream took place during a gray day and / or late afternoon in the back of my parents yard that had a fictional structure built along the back of the house that you could climb on and it had a row near the top of the house, and I was there and so were several young male soldiers.

I saw some cats and kittens in the yard under the purple table, there seemed to be at least two litters, and I saw some other babies that did not look like kittens exactly but before I could get a closer look their mother (either a badger or skunk) started walking toward me aggressively so I backed away and I went up on the structure on the house.

The mother badger or skunk followed me, a young soldier with light-color skin with yellow hair with a pellet gun was up there and the mother started charging him too, and he said that he was afraid of situations like this even though normal combat would not scare him this much.

He fumbled around, fell, ran, missed shots, et cetera and I remember climbing a tree as the mother got closer because I did not want to hurt her.

The other soldiers were inside the house probably laughing at the soldier getting chased by the mother, he told his fellow soldiers that it was not funny, and eventually he started to recover from his fear and be able to better aim his pellet gun at the mother badger.

The mother badger possibly stopped chasing him when he got far enough away and / or he shot her but I can not remember, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 5

This dream took place at The BP Library, I was there, and at some point a man with light-color skin wearing glasses and holding something walked through the children’s section and then into the meeting room like he was setting up for a program.

There were some children and parents in the children’s section who probably were waiting on his program to begin, I heard them mentioning a large dog, and so I turned to look through the open door to the meeting room to see a large probably stuffed dog toy in the corner and the man seemed to be setting up for a program for the children and their parents.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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