A Lawyer From Ireland?

This dream possibly took place inside a school, maybe a high school, and maybe I was in high school again and so I was possibly younger and maybe a senior in high school but I could be wrong.

This dream is confusing because I was possibly not myself during some parts of it, and maybe I was myself at first and then maybe I was not myself later and then maybe I was myself again.

I was possibly in a classroom or something and a male student with light-color skin started calling out some kind of injustice / protesting / whatever, me and one other male student agreed with him, and the police came and took us out of the classroom (even though me and the other student were probably not causing a disturbance).

The male student seemed to know the law and his rights and maybe his dad was a police officer or something I think he said, the police did not care, and they treated us poorly and pushed us along the hallways angrily.

The first male student was possibly handcuffed and arrested, he was led to a room, and this is possibly where I became him or I fused with him or I somehow switched places with him so now I was in his position; the other two male students possibly did not get arrested, and did not follow me into the room oddly.

The police removed the handcuffs and they left, they did not care or agree with anything that the first male student said to them during the walk, and so he had wasted his breath on them.

The room looked a bit like a maintenance room or something, sitting at a table to the right of the room was the principal and a teacher and a woman with light-color skin who seemed to be a lawyer, and the assumed lawyer seemed to be there representing me which confused me because I do not have a lawyer so I wondered how she was there and who she was et cetera.

I was asked to sit at the table with them so I did, the lawyer representing me had paperwork that was mostly filled out and she was arguing my case, and somehow she knew a lot about me and was serious about helping me.

The lawyer said that she was from The United Kingdom and currently lives in Ireland, she had the paperwork filled out and had successfully pleaded my case, and all I needed to do was agree with the terms and sign it and she would bring me to Ireland to live with her and maybe finish school there and she would get me a job and after finishing school she would put me in college et cetera.

This surprised me even more, who was this woman and why would a lawyer from Ireland want to help me and do all of this for me, and so I questioned her motives; was she somehow interested in me and saw potential in me (maybe she even said that she saw potential in me, and wanted to help me become the person she felt that I could be, but I can not remember) and maybe wanted to date me once I finished school or was she just a very kind person or was she a family member of mine or something?

This offer / deal sounded too good to be true which made me a bit cautious, I needed to think about this, but I did want to accept it.

I felt that my life would be better living with her in Ireland and that she would help shape me into the kind of person that I would like to be / the kind of person that I am in dreams sometimes / beyond what I thought that I could be / et cetera.

I tried to compare what my life might be like with her and what it might be like if I stayed on my current path, and during this comparison I possibly had insight / knowledge about how my real life got to the point that it is in the real world; and I possibly predicted what my life might be like right now if I had this opportunity in the real world back then and even now.

The lawyer had already cleared things with the principal and teacher it seemed so it was just up to me to decide (she seemed to be a good lawyer), I thanked her for the offer and help, and I asked her if I would be able to let my parents know and be able to stay in contact with them if I went with her to Ireland and she said yes.

I wanted to talk with my parents about this before deciding, if she passed their tests then I would accept her offer, I wanted some extra opinions and some other people to test her to make sure that her motives were truly positive.

I hoped that her motives were good because this was an amazing opportunity to change my life for the better, and to have someone to help me along the way who could be a mentor et cetera.

This would be my chance to finally visit and live in another country for the first time, I could try to learn how to use an Irish accent and / or another British / English accent when speaking English, I could learn Gaelic (Irish), I could learn about some of my ancestors and visit where they lived in The United Kingdom, I could try new foods and drinks, I could hear new types of music, I could learn to dance, I could even learn to play my own music, and there were many other positive opportunities that I felt that I would have and I felt that I would like living there better than the current country that I live in.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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