Getting Magic / Powers From Meridia?

This dream was partly inspired by me watching some videos on YouTube about Daedric Princes from The Elder Scrolls video games before going to sleep.

The forgotten parts of this dream possibly involved magic and / or powers.

Maybe me and my former male classmate JC got magic / powers from the Daedric Prince (Princess) Meridia after maybe joining her / helping her / becoming her champions / being helped by her / whatever, but I can not remember.

Exploring Elder Scrolls: Meridia – Daedric Prince of Life

I assume that magic / powers were used, and maybe we helped fight against some followers / undead / minions / whatever of another Daedric Prince who is a mostly negative / evil Daedric Prince and who is an enemy of Meridia.

I can not remember because this is the forgotten part of the dream.

Elder Scrolls Lore: Ch.35 – Daedric Prince Meridia

Another part of this dream involved me and Stephen “Doc” Beck and Sgt. Lilly Madison Mueller “Sarge” from the television show Z Nation working at The BP Library, and we were working at the newly reorganized DVD section.

As we are working and talking, some patrons walked on our row to look at DVDs, so we moved to the right out of their way.

I noticed some stuff / trash on the floor that had been inside the shelves when we took some of them apart to move them recently, and so I pointed this out to Doc and Sarge.

Sarge looked at me, signaling that I should not have said that near the patrons, I signaled that I understood, and I threw away the trash.

The last part of the dream took place inside a college dormitory (dorm) suite that me and my former male classmate JC were moving into.

We did not know if we were to pick our own rooms or not or how many suitemates we would have, so we just glanced at the list of possibly suitemates.

We picked our rooms, but we did not unpack in case we really did have assigned rooms.

Also, we possibly still had magic / powers from Meridia I assume, and maybe we were followers / champions / whatever of hers still; but I can not remember.

JC left at some point, while I sat on a couch in the shared living room that you walked into when first entering our dorm suite.

A thin, rough-looking possibly heavy smoker older woman with light-color skin with long straight yellow hair entered our dorm suite, and she was not sure if this was the correct dorm suite or not.

She sat next to me, and she started talking to me.

I let her know that other people are supposed to be moving in too, but we were not sure how many.

As she talked to me, several women with light-color skin entered to move into the other rooms.

The woman told me that her name was Stacie (Stacy) but the spelling of it was strange, she showed me how it was spelled on a piece of paper, but it was unclear.

I was not sure what I was looking at exactly, so I did not get confirmation of the proper spelling.

That is why I can not remember the exact spelling of it, but I know that it was unusual.

At some point I either left or went to my room, so either everyone else was gone or we were in our rooms, but Stacie was still on the couch alone.

A probably mostly negative / evil male entity (maybe a Daedric Prince who was an enemy of Meridia) entered our dorm suite, and he started asking Stacie about maybe me and JC.

The male entity seemed to be trying to get information and wanted to use that in possibly a plan to attack us.

He probably started trying to recruit Stacie to help him with his plan.

He probably asked her what she wanted so that he could try to decide how to bribe her into helping / joining him.

I assume he wanted to hurt / kill us to get back at Meridia / us for maybe what happened in the forgotten part of the dream.

Somehow I was able to see this even though I was not there, though I probably did not get to see or hear most of their conversation.

I am not sure if she agreed to help or join him, but I do know that she gave him the little information that she had about us; but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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