Being Told Military Stories

This dream involved someone telling me a story about back when they were in the military, they were once put in charge of a night shift possibly temporarily, and this person found out that their fellow soldiers were doing some kind of illegal activities.

They were in a warehouse / cargo-like area, this person’s fellow soldiers had possibly used them by having them briefly put in charge because they felt that they could get away with what they were doing if that person was in charge, and they were possibly stealing and selling cargo / shipments / equipment / et cetera and they were maybe involved with illegal drugs and who knows what else.


Alice Calls Luther – Luther – BBC

Alice Calls Luther – Luther – BBC

What is it?

The video above is from my Alice Morgan Playlist on YouTube, and it is a video called Alice Calls Luther – Luther – BBC by the YouTube channel BBC Studios.

Here is the description for this video:

Contains some strong language. Luther learns that Henry Madson has died after waking from a coma. Alice Morgan calls seeking gratitude for the fire.

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