Zenni Optical Black Square Glasses #2019321 | Translucent Square Glasses #2019323

What is it?

The plastic universal bridge fit Black Square Glasses #2019321 And the Translucent Square Glasses #2019323 by Zenni Optical.

What is it about?

This is how Zenni Optical describes these glasses:

With this square frame, value and style go hand-in-hand.

The light and flexible, medium-wide frame works both as bold glasses or sleek sunglasses.

It is available in two options: matte black with gold detailing on the brow and temple arms; and glossy clear with black brow and temple arms.

Universal Bridge Fit glasses from Zenni

My Thoughts

The matte finish on the Black Square Glasses #2019321 does not show smudges much, does not reflect much light (except for the gold color at the top), and it slides less the smooth coating pair; but the gold coloring is peeling off on the inner arms already annoyingly.

The smooth coating on the Translucent Square Glasses #2019323 smudge more, reflect more light, and it slides more than the matte finish pair; but it is more comfortable than the matte finish pair, and the clear / translucent part probably goes with more skin tones and helps make the frame look less noticeable and with the combination of black at the top it gives the frame a bit of a browline glasses look that possibly looks better on me than the black and gold color combination of the other pair.

The frames are the minimum width that I need (it would be even better if they were 139 mm or 140 mm wide), they are a bit taller than I like (it would be better if they were between 35 mm – 39 mm in height) but that does help them give your better coverage vertically which also compliments the photochromic lenses / transition lenses so you have better protection from the sun and glares et cetera, they are light weight (but unbalanced because they are heavier at the front), and they are stylish.

Unfortunately the dot pattern on the bottom half of the arms collect debris which is harder to clean off, they should have made the arms smooth, but at least the pattern is on the outside so that it does not make them uncomfortable for me.

The Zenni Optical Photochromic lenses in the color gray are better than I had expected, they definitely reduce glare and eye strain for me outside which really helps, and they allow me to see things outside in more detail because glare is reduced so I can see better through reflections of light on objects; I now regret not using photochromic lenses for most of these years, and I definitely plan on getting them for all my glasses from now on.

How-to Order Your Glasses from Zenni

The end,

  • John Jr

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