My Brothers KDC & TDC Get Killed By A Venom-Like Creature

I had a variety of interesting dreams, but I was not able to record much from them or all of them.

I am not even sure what order they go in or when some begin or end, and so I will type them randomly.

Dream 1

I may have had a dream that had some creatures / entities / whatever in it, maybe some daedra, but I am not sure; and that is all that I can remember of this possible dream.

Dream 2

My former male classmate DH was in this dream, I am not sure if a college was involved in this dream or not, I do know that I talked with DH.

In the dream it had been a while since I last saw DH, he was still working in law enforcement, and he was possibly still in the military; and I remember us talking about this, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream involved traveling, at some point I was in a city, but I am not sure how long I was there or if I visited other cities too or not.

I possibly even attended college there, but I am not sure, I just know that I traveled around at least one city by maybe automobile and on foot, and I probably traveled around a college campus; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

This dream took place during the day, at the end of the dream I was walking through a college campus, and a parade was starting at the college as I walked across the street.

I saw students (including American football players and cheerleaders) and other people walking to the parade, and as I was crossing the street I noticed that it was beginning to my left.

At the start of the parade was the former governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal and his wife Supriya Jolly Jindal and some Louisiana State Police (State Troopers) and maybe other security people et cetera with them.

Mrs. Jindal was walking ahead of them, and she was only a few feet from me when I walked in front of them by accident.

I was surprised and disappointed with how bad their security was, there was no one ahead of them, and I was able to cross the street in front of them by mistake, not realizing at first what was going on.

No one stopped me or warned me, or even walked ahead to close the gap.

I continued walking across a field as I thought about this, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 5

I can not remember most of this dream unfortunately, I just know that me and my mom and my brothers KDC and TDC were in a downtown-like area of a city.

Some Venom-like creature was attacking everyone, so we ran inside a multi-story building.

We made our way to an upper floor to escape the Venom-like creature.

The Venom-like creature was killing everyone that he could, even people with guns could not stop him, he was a killing machine and was muscular and strong and scary and wild and could kill you with his claws even.

VENOM – Official Trailer 2 (HD)

We reached an upper floor.

We were crossing a narrow tunnel-like hallway or something that led to a floor where there was an upscale museum / art exhibit hall-like place where a formal event was taking place that had security with submachine guns & bullet resistant vests.

When the Venom-like creature caught up with us, and my brothers TDC and KDC told me to get our mom to safety while they hold off the creature.

I told them no, that I would do it even though I had no weapons or armor or powers, et cetera.

My brothers TDC and KDC possibly had powers (maybe they could somewhat transform slightly like the creature, but I am not sure) and / or maybe they had special armor, but I can not remember.

They refused my offer, and they told me to go now because we had no time.

They were right that we had no time, but I did not want them to die, and I felt that I was the one who was supposed to make the sacrifice (I am their older brother).

I would have run to fight the creature, but the tunnel was narrow & they were in my way.

So I had no choice but to follow their command, and I ran with my mom toward the fancy gathering that had armed security to warn them.

As we were running I saw one of my brothers, maybe TDC attack the creature first, all of my brothers are taller and bigger and more muscular than me.

They were closer in size to the creature, he was almost matching it in strength, but then it probably chopped his head off.

KDC went to attack the creature too, he too was able to hold it off for a few seconds, but he too was killed.

They both surprised me by sacrificing themselves to save my mom and me, this saddens me, but it was also inspiring(?) to see them do something like this.

Because this was something that I would do and did not expect them to care that much.

Even though they only survived a few seconds, they still put up the hardest fight against the creature that anyone had so far.

I still felt that it should have been me who died, they are my youngest brothers, and I still felt that it was my job to protect us.

I did not want their deaths to have been in vain, so I tried to get my mom to safety.

I am not sure if I had her run ahead or where she went, I just know that I stayed behind in the museum / art-like place to hide or escape while the security fought the creature.

The creature entered the area, killing everyone easily, the submachine guns could not stop it, and so I ran into a room to hide.

Eventually I climbed out the window and made my way down the building and I ran.

I hoped that my mom had reached a safer place like I probably told her, the creature was distracted long enough for her to escape too, and that was my plan.

I wanted to stop this creature but as far as I knew there was no way that I could stop it, and so I did not even try to fight it even though part of me wanted to.

But I woke up.

Dream 6

This dream possibly took place at a college maybe inside a dormitory (dorm) on maybe an upper floor, my mom and one or more people were possibly there with me, but I can not remember.

I can not remember why I was there, I just know that I was on the right side of a hallway talking with one or more people.

To the left of the hallway was an area where there were a lot of students partying.

The students who were partying the hardest mostly had dark-color skin.

They were having fun dancing, drinking, making out, some of the women were topless and many of their breasts looked larger than they should for their body size.

Some people were even having sex with most of their clothes on as loud music was playing; it was wild.

One of the students looked like the character Jennifer Pierce from the television show Black Lightning, she was topless, and she did a cartwheel or a flip.

Then she said that she was done partying and was going back to her room now, so she said goodbye to everyone.

I was a bit shocked by all of this wild partying, but at least they were having fun I guess.

It was difficult to talk to whoever I was talking to because of the partying across the hallway.

So maybe we started to move to a new location, but I am not sure; and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 7

This dream started at a college in The United States called Oxford, it was possibly a smaller offshoot of University Of Oxford, but I am not sure.

I seemed to be a student at Oxford.

I remember going to one or more classes.

One of my classmates and / or professors was a man with light-color skin with medium-to-dark color hair who wore glasses & who somewhat reminded me of the character Colin Ritman from the movie Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (which I watched last night).

After class, I talked with this classmate and / or professor, and the next thing that I remember is inviting him to my parent’s house to spend the night.

I guess, or, he stayed so late that we offered to let him spend the night.

Most of my family was there trying to sleep during the night, and I remember us talking in the dinning room, and he was sitting in the orange chair that was where the television in the dinning room should be.

One thing that we talked about was that he used to attend and / or teach at the University Of Oxford, we talked about Oxford in The United States, and various other things that I can not remember; but he probably was talking about various topics like the character Colin Ritman when he was high.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 8

This dream involved my mom telling me that she was about to go to the city of LC, and she wanted me and the rest of my brothers to go there too.

She was about to leave now, but those of us who did not go with her now could just go on our own later.

My mom said that there was a house for sale that she was seriously considering to be our new house.

She wanted us all to see it too to decide if we should buy it or not.

I guess we would decide on how we wanted to go about paying for it and how much each of us would pay, et cetera.

This was exciting news and I wanted to see this house too, my mom was about to leave now.

I was not ready, and I still needed to call my brothers.

I was going to drive to the city of LC as soon as possible once I find out if any of my brothers wanted to ride with me there or not.

But I woke up as I was calling my brothers by mobile phone.

The end,

  • John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.


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