Amanda Nunes Versus Cris Cyborg | UFC 232

Amanda Nunes vs Cris Cyborg | WEIGH-INS | UFC 232
Source: YouTube

I found out about this fight by accident, I had no idea that Amanda Nunes and Cris Cyborg were going to fight, this is a fight that I wanted to happen one day.

The first video about this fight that I saw was a YouTube video called Amanda Nunes Vs Cris Cyborg | RECAP | UFC 232 by the YouTube channel
UFC ON FOX, but they removed that video so here are some other highlights of that fight:

My reaction to this video / fight was basically:

I am surprised that I did not hear that this fight was going to happen, and that it had happened.

I would have thought that I would have heard about this in the news somewhere and / or on YouTube; I wonder why this fight was so under-promoted / under-advertised?

I was not expecting the fight to end this quickly, and in the way that it did.

Congratulations Amanda Nunes on the big win, winning a second title, and for making history by being the first woman in UFC history to hold championship belts in different divisions at the same time.

The end,

-John Jr

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UFC 232 was not without controversy; Jon “Bones” Jones first bout since being reinstated and Cyborg Nunes were the main events. But Jones tested positive for a banned substance again. The claim was it was residue from the last test that got him banned 2 years ago. The Nevada Athletic Commision refused to sanction the event. The UFC moved the event to Los Angles a week before the event….the rest is history

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Hello True George,

I did not know that Jon Jones had tested positive again recently and that they moved the event, thank you for sharing that, but I did see this highlight video about his victory:

If he keeps this up they might call him Jon Peds Jones.

Thank you for commenting,

-John Jr

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