Being In The Military Without Training & Getting Military Vaccinations?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is being inside a building wearing an over-sized military combat uniform, and somehow I just got in the military was possibly put in charge of another soldier and / or welcoming this soldier even though I had not even had basic training yet.

Some higher ranked male soldier, maybe an officer, just gave me my orders.

It seemed that somehow I had been fast tracked into the military without any training at all oddly.

The soldier who I was supposed to be in charge of and / or welcome was the character Roberta Warren from the television show Z Nation, she had actual military training and experience (ex-National Guard Lieutenant) unlike me and in this dream she was still an active duty soldier, and so I was confused as to why and how I was supposed to be in charge of her and / or welcome her when I knew nothing and had zero training in the military.

I greeted Warren and we walked and talked up a ramp-like structure to what reminded me of a non-futuristic version of Dock 422 on the Citadel from the Mass Effect video games.

I let Warren know about my confusing situation and how she should be the one in charge of me and / or welcoming me, and how I was wondering if or when I would get any training.

Warren assured me that things would be okay and that she would help me where she can, and that I would learn et cetera.

As we were standing at the top of the ramp still talking some female military medics wearing semi-surgical outfits approached me from the front and from behind et cetera, and the one in from started moving a syringe toward my right eyelid oddly.

I asked what they were doing, I assumed that they were going to give me some military vaccinations and / or something, and they just told me to be still so I tried to keep still (they were not very friendly or reassuring, they were straight to business, and were not interested in answering questions or letting me know what was going on).

After the first injection above my eye or on my eyelid the medic behind me injected me in my upper back, one injected me in my shoulder, I am not sure if there were any more before the big one because they were injecting me here and there while I was still talking to Warren, but the biggest and worst injection was in my spine or something and I could feel the pressure and everything so this felt real.

I did not like this feeling so they told me to breathe so I breathed out a heavy slow breath until there was no air left, and then I breathed in a slow heavy breath.

Breathing like this helped as I felt the pressure against my spine as they pushed in the needle, it was taking longer than expected, and this felt so real and I was able to breathe in a dream which is not something that I usually ever notice whether I breathe or not so this was super realistic because I could breathe in the dream.

Warren tried to comfort me and help guide me on my breathing as I stood still waiting for the spine injection to be over, but I woke up in the real world in bed laying on my stomach and I felt pressure on my spine from how I was sleeping so maybe that is what I felt in the dream and / or I was still feeling the last things that I felt in the dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place outside during the day in the city of D, and I was passing by along the right side of the highway before you get to Burger King.

A group of people were being asked questions, and one question was which race(s) they are which was possibly in connection with what seemed like the video game series The Elder Scrolls and maybe something else.

Some of the people there included: Dashie (Charlie Guzman), maybe Sam “Sammy” González from Double Toasted, and several others.

Dashie or someone else mentioned one race first that surprised the people asking the questions, and he was going to say another race which would have made him the first to identify as more than one race; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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