Stormy Daniels’s Store | The Red Door

Dream 1

My female coworker JB was possibly in this dream and / or in another dream, or she was mentioned or thought of, but I am not sure; and that is all that I can remember of this possible dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day in the city of D in a somewhat fictional version of downtown that is sometimes in my dreams where there are many small businesses that you can explore, and I was with two men I knew who were possibly former classmates of mine (maybe DH and someone else) but I can not remember, but I do know that one of them had dark-color skin and the other had light-color skin.

They were both worked up / angry about something, and they stormed off / walked off through and past small businesses, and so I followed them asking them what they were doing and what was wrong, and I followed them to make sure that they did not do anything stupid and / or get hurt and / or hurt anyone and / or whatever.

I can not remember what they said, but they were probably ranting and complaining about something, maybe someone ripped them off or took something or something else, but I can not remember, I wanted to explore the small businesses or finish exploring them, but I kept following them hoping to calm them down.

We entered a small rectangular one-story small business behind where The BP Library should be, there were several small businesses like this in this area, and inside the store was the owner who was a slightly fictional version of Stormy Daniels who in this dream looked mostly like herself, but she was possibly partly a combination of Anna Nicole Smith and Siri as well, but I am not sure.

To my surprise her small store had a variety of items, mostly cheap dollar store-like stuff to my surprise, but there were some other unique more expensive and higher quality items as well but not many.

The two men called her Stormy, so she was Stormy Daniels, they were angry with her about something, and they argued with her and were trying to interrogate her about whatever they were angry about.

I tried to calm them down, but it was not working, the building was built in a shotgun-style, so there was a door at both ends of the building, and they locked the doors basically holding Stormy hostage until she answers their questions; I continued trying to calm them down and let them know that this was wrong and illegal, but it was still not working.

I was not going to let them hurt Stormy, fortunately they did not touch her, but I was now in a strange situation where I was trying to protect all of them but if I called the police the two men would be arrested, so I hoped to be able to calm the situation without having to call the police and hope that Stormy did not call the police; but this could also possibly make me an accomplice or whatever because a semi-hostage situation was taking place in front of me, and I was not reporting it or stopping it (I was trying to stop it verbally here and there), and so I tried to figure out what to do.

The situation got worse and worse as time went on, soon some shoppers were at the back door trying to get in, and some went around to the other door trying to get in.

Stormy was still not cooperating with the two men, or she was claiming that she did not know or whatever, they got quiet hoping the shoppers would leave, and there was a television playing in the store and a news story started about some rough country-like men with light-color skin who had just gotten out of prison who seemed like dangerous versions of some villains from the television show Walker Texas Ranger.

I saw the men arrive outside a fictional one-story courthouse / police station-like place in the city of D during the day past The BB Grocery Store, a female judge with light-color skin with red / brown hair was leaving the building to walk to her car, and the men walked over to her with guns / maybe other weapons, and they took her into the woods next to the parking lot to kill her et cetera.

The judge had been the one that sent them to prison, so they wanted revenge, even though they were guilty, and after they murdered her they started to leave to continue their rampage; and they probably killed a police officer who walked outside before they drove away.

They wanted to kill everyone who had a part in putting them in prison, and they would probably kill random people for fun.

They knew that they would be wanted and hunted down, so they were going to quickly do their revenge kills and random murders before probably trying to hide.

Stormy revealed that she knew the men and worried that they might come to her business, either to ask her to hide them and / or to kill her, and I worried that they were possibly on their way now, so I hoped that this semi-hostage situation would end soon.

I managed to calm the two men down, so they ended their semi-hostage situation, I also got Stormy to not call the police et cetera about this, I got the two men to apologize, and I apologized, I got the two men and Stormy to all make an agreement to settle their issue, I probably asked Stormy if she needed us to help her with the dangerous men who might be on their way, but she said that she would probably be okay and was probably going to close the store for today and leave, so I probably gave her some advice and wished her well before leaving, and then we started to leave once no shoppers were outside the locked doors.

But I woke up as I lectured the two men about how stupid their actions had been, and how we could have all been arrested, et cetera.

Dream 3

This dream took place maybe during the evening or night, there was a woman with light-color skin who I knew, but I can not remember who she was (maybe she was my coworker JB, or maybe she was a fictional woman I knew, or maybe she was a combination of one or more real and / or fictional women I knew, but I can not remember now), and she was worked up / angry about something.

The woman stormed off / walked off toward where my aunt JE’s house should be, where it should be was a fictional house with the same layout, and it seemed to possibly be abandoned, and so I followed the woman there asking her what she was doing and what was bothering her and trying to make sure that she did not do something stupid and / or get hurt and / or hurt anyone and / or whatever, and I wanted to calm her down.

I can not remember what she said (she probably did not really explain what was going on, but she probably was complaining / ranting about something) but she knocked on the door, no one answered, and we still assumed that it was possibly abandoned, and so she went to open the door, but I told her that was not a good idea, but she did it anyway, and it was unlocked.

It was mostly empty in the living room / dinning room (maybe a little bit of furniture, but I am not sure) and it still seemed to be likely abandoned, I once again told her that we should not enter the house because we still were not sure if it was abandoned, and we did not have permission, but she did not listen, and I did not want to abandon her, so I followed her inside still trying to protect her and talk her out of this.

She stormed toward the kitchen door, I am not sure if she knocked on it first or if she just pushed it open, and the kitchen was mostly empty; but before we could enter it maybe a light came on, so we backed up.

Maybe I and / or we said something, but there was no reply, and we did not see who or what had turned on the light.

Then the kitchen door started to close slowly with the usual sound effect and all like in a scary movie, the door was a vibrant red color now with some gold on the edges and the door was a unique shape / design, and it stood out so much so our attention was drawn to the door (the door probably looked different before this, but I could be wrong) we could see no one / nothing except the edge of a shadow or dark something or someone, and we were suddenly afraid, and we felt a presence.

This moment was so scary, creepy, freaky, intense, surreal, et cetera like during a bad sleep paralysis experience where your emotions / senses / fear / et cetera are heightened, and it felt like / reminded me of something from the movie The Shinning like the elevator scene.

The Shining (1980) – Jack Nicholson, Stanley Kubrick Horror Movie HD

We ran outside, and we peeked around the edges of the entrance door of the house trying to see who or what was closing the kitchen door, we still only saw the edge of something dark until the door was closed, and then we closed the door to the house and the woman ran away in fear because of the overwhelming feeling of fear / presence / that something was not right, and I did the same.

Once the woman got to safety I decided to go back to the house (she probably was still too afraid), maybe to partly face my fear and maybe partly out of curiosity, but I can not remember, and I opened the door to the house and I took a deep breath and I stormed to the kitchen door (which was probably no longer the surreal red door, and it was probably back to being a plain brown wooden door again) and I pushed it open, and I stepped inside the kitchen.

The kitchen was mostly empty, I did see a shopping cart oddly, and the door to the back room and the door in the hallway that leads to the bedrooms and bathroom were closed, so I stopped trying to decide which door to enter first.

But maybe the fear / presence feeling started again, maybe I heard something, but I can not remember, and so I stepped out of the kitchen and I blocked the opening to the kitchen with the shopping cart.

I possibly said something to the presence, and then I ran outside by the exit door with it partly closed, so I could peek around it to see if anyone comes into the kitchen or through it.

I was trying to get whoever or whatever to reveal itself so that I could see what or who it was, but I woke up as I waited, and I kept peeking around the door.

The end,

  • John Jr

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