President Vladimir Putin Shares A Secret With The President Of The United States

Dream 1

This was the most interesting dream out of the dreams that I recorded, but unfortunately the dream is a bit blurry.

This dream possibly took place in Russia during the day and I was riding outside on an extended topless / open golf cart-like vehicle with The President Of Russia Vladimir Putin, The President Of The United States who was possibly George W. Bush in the dream but I could be wrong, there was a high-level person withe The President Of The United States who was maybe The Vice President Of The United States (if it was the vice president then it was probably Dick Cheney, but I could be wrong) or The United States Secretary Of Defense or The Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff or someone like that, and there were a few other people with us.

We were driving on the outskirts so we were not in a city, there was possibly a body of water in the distance but I can not remember, and I remember President Putin looking serious and maybe a bit worried as he explained why he wanted to meet.

I am not sure if this happened before the driving part or the dream or during the explanation by President Putin, either way, I remember seeing some partial statues or paintings of what I assumed were some ancient deities but the top parts of their bodies were missing so you could not identify them and some of the spots were empty and slowly the partial assumed deities for each spot were revealed.

I saw what seemed to be partial ancient Greek deities, ancient Egyptian deities, and deities from various ancient cultures known and unknown that were slowly being partially revealed to me / us.

President Putin explained that they (Russia) had found the site of where an ancient temple-like place that seemed a bit Egyptian used to be, and that at the site they found something.

President Putin paused and his expression made me think that they found something very unusual, and so I assumed that they found something alien and / or paranormal and / or supernatural and / or some amazing ancient knowledge et cetera.

They had the site blocked off and were keeping it secret, but he wanted to share this secret with The United States (probably not publicly yet, but to a few high-ranking people) as a show of good faith or something like that and maybe because what they found was so major that they should not be examining it alone (they probably needed help with this too).

Whatever they found seemed important enough to put aside their differences and work together like this had the potential to prevent war between them, maybe President Putin even said that no one country should keep this to themselves, and I assumed that what they found could change the world.

Before he would reveal what they found he probably asked everyone to agree to some terms first, and then we drove to a fenced area where the site was.

There was some security there but not enough to make it standout too much, above-ground there were just some ruins and dirt et cetera, and so some of the others were unimpressed but we were possibly led to a secret entrance underground where the real discovers were.

I am not sure what all we saw but there was definitely some unusual stuff that I assume was underground, maybe ancient and / or alien and / or something very unusual, and there were scientists et cetera there; I would not be surprised if some ancient  / advanced technology (maybe spaceship) was down there among the other discoveries, but I can not remember.

What I do remember is standing near a beam or pole or tree-like trunk as a male scientist with maybe dark-color skin wearing a white lab coat explained some rules to us before showing us a small unknown alien-looking dog-like creature, we were not supposed to touch it among other rules, and then he showed it to us and let it walk near us.

I can not remember what it looked like but it looked very weird, it was definitely some kind of creature, and maybe it looked like it did not have a head or at least not a normal-looking head.

Someone’s dog walked over and something happened where the beam or pole or tree-like trunk fell, it was maybe a bit muddy in this area, and several people were injured and hit by it including my brother CC who was there and who was still in the military.

My brother CC was laying on his stomach and seemed to be paralyzed, I remember trying to lift the beam or pole or trunk off of him and several others including one or more women, and I managed to save several people with some help as I panicked while still helping them.

Seeing my brother CC hurt like that as I struggled with the mud and slippery heavy beam / pole / trunk bothered me so much that I accidentally woke up from all the panic and chaos after I barely got it off of him and I heard him saying that he could not move.

Dream 2

Unfortunately I can not remember most of this dream, it possibly started in the city of D and a husband and wife left together on a journey by foot that was the idea of the husband, and somehow they possibly made it across the world to a secluded wilderness that was possibly partly arctic.

The area was nice but maybe a bit harsh in some areas, time passed quickly and the wife wanted to leave, but she was not sure if they could make the long journey back.

Somehow the husband found a shortcut or something that somehow led them back to the city of D quickly during the day passed by / past the C Elementary School, I was possibly in the dream as they walked home and maybe even before but I can not remember, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place inside a fictional version of the house of my parents that had a storage room with an old metal sliding door for an old warehouse-like building, but the sliding door was partly blocked by a metal shelf.

In this dream I seemed to have two fictional baby sisters with maybe light-color skin, my mom was in another room with my baby sisters, and some men with light-color skin (maybe Russian, but I am not sure) were in there too talking with her and / or someone else.

I went to the storage room because I was considering moving the metal shelf so that I could open the sliding door to explore the warehouse-like building that was possibly connected to something else, I had memories exploring this area before and maybe there were some possible threats, but I can not remember.

Before I could make a move I heard my baby sisters crying and one of the men brought one of my baby sisters to me, he told me that one of my baby sisters had urinated on herself and the other had defecated on herself, and so my mom was changing the diaper of one of them and she wanted me to change the diaper of the other.

The man handed me my baby sister who had defecated on herself, I thanked him, and then I started gathering supplies so that I could changer her diaper but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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