Editing A Draft Post About An Anime Series

I did not record the other dreams that I remembered, and so now I can only barely remember part of my last dream.

This dream was impacted by me waking up every 30 minutes at the end because of my alarms, and it was partly inspired by me watching an episode of Overlord (Season 1) yesterday.

In the dream I was editing a fictional draft of a blog post about a fictional anime series on my blog.

I had already started the draft of the post in the past, the post was going to be about several seasons of the show, and so I was checking over what I had already typed and I was making some edits and adding more content.

I had Wikipedia and IMDb opened in my browser as sources.

While doing this there were maybe some characters from Overlord (Season 1) or some character who reminded me of them who were treating me like Ainz Ooal Gown (Momonga), they talked to me as I edited my draft post, and they probably gave me feedback.

At some point I noticed that the title for each season were different oddly, instead of the name of the show followed by the season number, each season had a completely different name; and most of the season names were sentences.

To make things worse most words in the title of each season were not capitalized so I was not sure which words were part of each season title, and so I had to use my sources to help me figure this out; and then I had to capitalize the season names and make sure that they were in the correct order before continuing.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Mastering Fear: A Navy SEAL’s Guide

What Is It?

The 2018 book Mastering Fear: A Navy SEAL’s Guide by Brandon Webb.

“Mastering Fear” A Navy SEAL’s Guide I By Brandon Webb

What is it about?

This is how Goodreads describes this book:

From New York Times bestselling author and former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb comes a simple yet powerful five-step guide to transforming your life by making your fears work for you instead of against you.

Brandon Webb has run life-threatening missions in the world’s worst trouble spots, whether that meant jumping out of airplanes, taking down hostile ships on the open sea, or rolling prisoners in the dead of night in the mountains of Afghanistan.

As a Navy SEAL, he learned how to manage the natural impulse to panic in the face of terrifying situations.

As media CEO and national television commentator, he has learned how to apply those same skills in civilian life.

Drawing on his experiences in combat and business, along with colorful anecdotes from his vast network of super-achiever friends from astronauts to billionaires, Webb shows how people from all walks of life can stretch and transcend their boundaries and learn to use their fears as fuel to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

“Fear can be a set of manacles, holding you prisoner,” writes Webb. “ Or it can be a slingshot, catapulting you on to greatness.”.

The key, says Webb, is not to fight fear or try to beat it back, but to embrace and harness it.

In the process, rather than being your adversary, your fear becomes a secret weapon that allows you to triumph in even the most adverse situations.

In Mastering Fear, Webb and his bestselling coauthor John David Mann break this transformation down into five practical steps, creating a must-read manual for anyone looking for greater courage and mastery in their lives.