A Social Experiment Interior Design Performance Art Comedy Exhibit?

File: ArtistIsPresent.jpg
Description: English: Marina performing “Artist is Present” at the MoMA in May 2010

Dream 1

This dream took place at The BP Library, I was working in a slightly fictional horizontal version of the new book section which had different shelves.

While I was doing this, I was listening to some of my coworkers talking at the front desk.

At the front desk talking was my female coworker JB, maybe another female coworker, and a fictional male coworker.

In the fictional new book section, I noticed that someone had displayed four books instead of three books in some areas, so I fixed this as I listened and shelved.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place in a large, mostly empty one-story building that either had an open door to the outside and / or part of the building was possibly open to the outside.

A social experiment / interior decorating (interior design) / performance art / comedy skit exhibit was taking place, and I was helping with setting it up and serving as an extra.

A woman with light color skin who was possibly an interior decorator / artist / actress was the person behind the exhibit, and so we were following her orders.

The audience was unknowingly part of the exhibit, the exhibit had several purposes and layers to it that I mentioned already; a social experiment, an interior design exhibit, performance art, comedy skits.

The comedy skit part of it was based on recreations of some scenes from a fictional comedy movie that was in a similar style as the Borat movie.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan – Trailer

Around the building we set up and were setting up several areas that each were their own exhibit(?) / scene, on the surface it looked mostly like interior decorating / interior design art, and we moved the audience between them.

At each one the interior decorator would show off her work and unknowingly to the crowd get them involved in the social experiment / performance art / comedy skit recreations of some scenes from that fictional Borat-like movie.

She would get the audience to do things that seemed to test how much people were willing to do to follow the crowd just doing what everyone else was doing, and doing what she asked them to do, et cetera.

My role as an extra was mostly just background roles, at some point we had to stop to set up an exhibit, and then there was a break or that was the last one; and I was no longer needed, so I walked outside.

A man from the reality television show Jersey Shore was being interviewed outside about what he was up to now.

He talked about how he was trying to stay relevant and make money on social media / online, how Google Search was really helping bring traffic to him that allowed him to make enough money and stay relevant, how him and another male member of the cast were still in contact with each other and had a friendly rivalry that helped them both stay relevant and make money, and how he was friends with and looked up to the musician Eminem.

Eminem drove by in maybe a green four-door car, and he stopped behind them with his window down, he crashed the interview by greeting them and joining in and joking around, but I woke up.

Dream 3

I had this dream after work & after a brief jog / weight lifting when I took a nap on the living room couch, and I had a dream that I was at The BP Library.

I walked into a slightly fictional smaller version of The Media Room which had the door(s) closed, to my surprise I saw my now former coworker Mr. JF in the room getting up from a chair; so I greeted him with surprise.

Not only that, but I told him that I was surprised to see him.

I wanted to mention how I had just learned of him no longer working here by surprise, but I decided to not say anything.

I told him that I still had the book that he let me borrow, that I had not read it yet, but since he was no longer working here I needed to know how could I return it to him and whether he wanted me to return the book to him now or when I finish reading it.

But I woke up before he could answer.

The end,


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